Globally renowned as a perfume guru, Michael Edwards has dotted the “I”s and crossed the “T”s on a work of enticing stories about 52 fragrances that have changed the world of perfumery.

Perfume Legends II French Feminine Fragrances is now off the presses published in a beautiful hardback book.

Michael hosted two brekkie events this week: for media and industry guests to read some snippets from the book and explain how he dug deep and then deeper to ensure each story is truly authentic. Each tale has either come from the perfume’s creator or their estate and final text for the tome was approved. From face-to-face interviews with the legendary perfumers and months of deep research, Michael can say with his hand on his heart, these stories of each legendary fragrance’s creation is the real deal.

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Nick Smart – Agence de Parfums and Saskia Hakeves – Grandiflora
Standing: Bronwyn Capanna – ACCORD, Uri Ferster – Frostbland and Tina Bannister – Elizabeth Arden. Seated: Saskia with Christine Burke – L’Oreal Australia
Michael chats with Peter Playford – PUIG Oceania

Why did he go into so much detail? Because these 52 fragrances have changed the world of perfumery. The definition of a legend, Michael tells us, is: “an accord so innovative that it inspired other compositions; an impact so profound that it shaped a trend; and an appeal likely to transcend the whims of fashion”.

For Michael the creation of this ‘museum in a book’ began as a passion and evolved into a project. Each story is a fascinating journey to read: from the people who had the seed of an idea to make a fragrance, through the ‘sliding doors’ process of its creation, to the Grande Dame whose birth changed the world of perfumery forever.

Sophie Kalofonos – perfume and beauty industry legend herself!
Leo Schofield – Arts Journalist
Janny Le – ADF (Lauder Group) and Anita Kaurinovic – Coty Luxury

The original book, Perfume Legends, revolutionised perfumery in 1996. Never before had perfumers spoken openly about their work and the sources of their inspiration. Now, 23 years later, this book reflects updated stories with new research, stunning images and eight new legends.

“Perfume is substance and spirit. It must be a story, a myth, long before people wear it. If you don’t have noise and word-of-mouth, it doesn’t work, it has no meaning – it’s just business.” – Maurice Roger, Dior’s legendary president.

Simone Pedersen – Red Scout with Michael and Margaret Khoury – Fragrances of the World
Grace Mungoven – Mecca
Ainslie Walker
Uri, Andrea Ferrari – esprit, Michael and Sally Desancic – CORE Metrics

There is no other book like it,” Edmond Roudnitska, legendary perfumer (Diorissimo, Eau Sauvage)

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About Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is also renowned for authoring the annual Fragrances of the World reference books since 1984. Dubbed “the perfume experts’ expert” by Evelyn Lauder, he is the world’s leading authority on fragrance classification. Working independently and impartially with the brands and perfumers, he and his team have matched more than 32,000 fragrances, family by family, scent by scent.

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