Alex Fevola, the visionary behind Runway Room, has fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the opening of the inaugural Runway Room retail concept store.

Housed within a beautifully restored heritage facade, the multi-level retail space situated on the renowned High Street in Armadale, Melbourne, has been 11 years in the making, Alex said.

“Opening this store has been a dream of mine since I began Runway Room 11 years ago,” she said.

“The consistent feedback and growing demand from clients over the years when asked why we didn’t have a retail store, was that they felt intimidated, confused, and overwhelmed in other beauty retail environments so that is why I wanted to create an innovative and new way to shop for beauty, offering a welcoming and non-intimidating space where everyone can experience our incredible products under the guidance of our warm and friendly consultants.”

Alex said the store environment and product merchandising had been “meticulously designed to provide easy access and eliminate confusion” as “we want our customers to feel at ease as they explore our products, with the confidence that they can try before they make a purchase”.

The store features a distinctive “snake” product table.

The store features a distinctive “snake” product table, serving as the centerpiece of the customer’s shopping journey.

A pioneering concept in Australia, all displayed items are thoughtfully arranged by product in the order of application, starting from the base, rather than by brand.

The store’s focus is on empowering customers to effortlessly find the products they need in the order they are applied, streamlining their beauty routine and enhancing their overall shopping satisfaction.

Another standout feature is the Glow Station, where customers can recreate Runway Room’s popular three-step glowing skin makeup look.

Adjacent to the display is a groundbreaking skin-scanning technology, designed by Alex, that precisely matches the skin tone. To ensure a perfect match, customers can use a physical tester unit to apply the recommended shade to their skin.

As a commitment to authenticity, the store features a dynamic carousel of images showcasing makeup looks created by the in-house artist of the day.

Alex and daughter Mia Fevola.

The flagship offers an extensive range of beauty products with more than 150 SKUs on offer, including the comprehensive Runway Room product line, alongside a thoughtfully curated selection of hair, beauty, skincare, cosmetics, body/tanning, nails, accessories, and tools from both local and international brands, including OFRA cosmetics and skincare, Astala Luna, Natalie Anne Haircare, and Beauty by Danessa Myricks.

Beyond the retail offering, customers can indulge in the renowned luxe makeover, hair, and makeup services.

The upper level of the store has been transformed into the company’s new head office.

Runway Room’s flagship store is located on 1166 High Street, Armadale, and is open seven days a week.

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