Blending cinematic intrigue with self-care luxury, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has unveiled its latest creation: the Saltbomb.

This limited edition bath bomb is inspired by one of the most talked-about scenes in recent cinema, where Barry Keoghan’s character, Oliver, engages in a controversial act involving bathwater in the film Saltburn.

Capitalising on this moment, Lush’s new bath bomb is sure to get tongues wagging while creating a bathing experience reminiscent of Hollywood status.

Saltbomb is crafted to transform ordinary bathwater into a milky, salty oasis. Combining mineral-rich sea salt with soothing coconut milk powder, this bath bomb promises a skin-softening soak.

 The fragrance, shared with Lush’s popular Milky Bath bubble bar, adds an extra layer of sensory pleasure to the bathing experience.

Since introducing the original bath bomb in 1989, Lush has continuously revolutionised the world of bath time. The latest Saltbomb innovation is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating unique, pampering experiences.

Retailing at $10, this product is available online and through the Lush app.

 The inventors at Lush  expressed their excitement about the Saltbomb, noting the growing fascination with milky baths among their clientele. They remarked, “At Lush, we totally agree! Bathtime self-care looks different for everyone, whether it’s a silent soak, a rave and bathe, or a moment of pure self-love.”

With over 60 different bath bombs and bubble bars in their repertoire, Lush caters to a wide range of preferences, from the calming Twilight to the sensual Sex Bomb.

 Established 28 years ago, the brand is known for its ethical approach, emphasising fresh, organic ingredients and pioneering products like shower jellies and solid shampoo bars.

Today, Lush operates in 48 countries with over 886 shops and a core online presence, including 38 websites and a network of native apps, broadcasting channels, and digital communities in over 30 languages.

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