Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella recently held an event at the Palm House to commemorate the launch of I Giardini Medicei.

With a rich heritage dating back to 1221, Santa Maria Novella’s roots run deep. At the event, guests were immersed in the world of the Medici Gardens. They embarked on a journey that began with the brand’s history and unfolded the new collections of I Giardini Medicei by Gian Luca Perris, CEO of Santa Maria Novella, and Micheal Marzano, National Education Manager at Agence De Parfum.

Micheal Marzano, National Education Manager at Agence De Parfum.

I Giardini Medicei is the latest iteration of the brand, with a history spanning over 800 years. This collection comprises four meticulously crafted eau de parfums, each of which connects the brand to its botanical heritage.

These fragrances draw inspiration from Medicean botanical species and the historical Medici family’s cultivation of unique plants. The collection includes Bizzarria, Gelsomino, Magnolia, and L’Iris, each with its own distinct story and olfactory profile, paying tribute to the brand’s rich history and its deep-rooted connection to Florence’s cultural heritage.

Michael delved into the history of Santa Maria Novella, highlighting its unique position in the world: “Let’s begin with the history of this remarkable brand and what sets it apart in the world. Santa Maria Novella’s origins trace back to the year 1221 when Dominican friars, under the guidance of St. Dominic from Bologna, established a religious community. They arrived with extensive knowledge of plants, their uses, and their impact on human physiology. This knowledge formed the foundation for their work in both religion and herbal medicine.”

Meanwhile, Gian, who was a perfumer before becoming CEO of the company in 2022, emphasised the significance of the Medici family: “The Medici family were known as the pioneers of the Renaissance due to their foundational role in fostering cultural prosperity in Florence. They influenced the world not only in matters of art, music, and architecture but also in terms of botany.”

He went on to explain the inspiration behind each new fragrance, highlighting the exceptional qualities of Bizzarria: “What’s truly unique is that it combines the characteristics of lemon, bitter orange, and etrog, making it the most exceptional citrus tree of all.”

The Gelsomino fragrance exudes a sweet, delicate, and feminine aroma centered around jasmine, while L’Iris reinterprets the history of Florence, celebrating its diverse and enduring connections with the flower that continues to symbolise the city today.

Images from the launch event  below.

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