Sasy n Savy managing director Samea Maakrun.

Sasy n Savy is an Australian owned company based in Sydney that manufactures native Australian natural skin care and well-being products. Managing director Samea Maakrun caught up with esprit to talk about the business’ priority – manufacturing and donating hand sanitiser to the homeless, charities and churches.

Tell us about your brand?

Sasy n Savy is an Australian owned and operated natural skincare manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia. Sasy n Savy has been manufacturing Australian natural skin care and wellbeing products since 2000. We have been recognised as a dynamic company for our innovation, creativity and excellence. The number of business awards received over the last few years is a testament to that.”

What ingredients do you use? Why?

“Our product range includes solutions for all skin types, capturing the essence of Australia’s native botanical wonders, such as Kakadu plum extract, the highest source of vitamin C in the world; bearberry leaf, a strong antioxidant; wild rosella flower, high in natural protein and nutrients.  In order to stimulate skin cell growth, collagen, hydrate, firm and tone your skin we use the best Australia has to offer while caring for you and your environment. The range contains 47 active ingredients and over 41 associated skincare benefits. Products are available in hotel amenity, retail, travel and professional size.”

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

“Currently all our resources are now in making sanitiser  and antibacterial products. We started manufacturing hand sanitiser in December last year for the Asia market – we were getting demand in large volume but unsure why. Then we found out two months ago about Coronavirus so we stopped all exports and left the remaining ingredient supply for the Australian market.  We are fortunate that we have been able to hire people that have lost their jobs and donate back to the community.”

How are you helping out?

“With our limited ingredients and packaging we have been able to manufacture large volume of hand sanitiser and supply the local market. Our first priority was donating to homeless, charities and churches.  We are fortunate we are still manufacturing from the resources we bought back in December.”

What made you decide to do this?

“Charity work is important to us and we will always continue to do this where we can. Also to stop the spread of coronavirus.”

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