With face masks becoming mandatory in Melbourne, Australian shipping service, Sendle, experienced a record breaking day of deliveries in the city after more parcels were sent from Melbourne in a single day than in all of Sendle’s history.

In the peak of this shift to online shopping, Sendle has partnered with Aussie Pharma Direct to deliver the first Australian made P2 quality masks recommended by SafeWork Australia.

In a single week, Sendle saw the volume of ecommerce parcels travelling within Melbourne increase by 80%.

As an essential service Sendle is offering contactless delivery for both pickups and deliveries, and its drivers are wearing disposable face masks and using hand sanitiser when on duty in Victoria.

Sendle has also been delivering 100% cotton homemade face masks made by Stitch and Scribble in Queensland and Kamoddity in Victoria, along with high quality masks from Melbourne company Nwaoma Australia. All three businesses have experienced a huge spike in demand for face masks not just in Melbourne, but across the country.

Sendle CEO, James Chin Moody said Sendle is honoured to be delivering much needed face masks to Melbourne during this second lockdown.

“We deliver for small businesses all over Australia and it’s fantastic to see some of our customers reviving local manufacturing and producing vital equipment like the Australian made P2 face mask. We’ve been delivering thousands of them to Victoria this week for our customer Aussie Pharma Direct, along with many other local businesses who are helping meet the demand.”

Aussie Pharma Direct managing director, Daniel Seldon added, “Demand for the first Australian-made P2 face masks has exploded – orders through our website are up more than 1000% since July 14 2020… About 70% of orders are coming from people in Victoria, 20% from NSW and 10% the other states and territories… Our Australian-made P2 face masks filter out more than 95% of airborne particles, compared to about 30% for many imported masks. People don’t want to risk the health of themselves and their family, which is why they’re going for the reassuring option of Australian-made.”

This article was first published on retailbiz.com.au.

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