The 2023 Cosmetify Index has been released, providing a detailed look at the world’s top beauty brands, influencers, and retailers based on social following, engagement, and Google searches.

Rare Beauty, led by Selena Gomez and available at Sephora in Australia, topped the index with a score of 7.81 out of 10, driven by over 17 million Google searches and a strong social media presence including 7 million Instagram followers. Charlotte Tilbury, available at Mecca in Australia, followed closely, amassing over 23 million searches and nearly 6.5 million Instagram followers, thanks to its products that blend old Hollywood glamour with modern technology.

In third place, KIKO Milano shone for its focus on diversity and inclusion, becoming a favorite among Instagram users. The brand’s commitment to various skin tones and types has helped it carve a significant niche in the global market.

The Korean beauty brand Oh K! was the most searched brand of the year, with 73.4 million searches, highlighting the ongoing global fascination with K-beauty.

Huda Beauty available at Sephora in Australia, led the way on Instagram, amassing over 54 million followers, showcasing the platform’s pivotal role in shaping beauty trends.

Emerging brands like Bubble Skincare and BYOMA have seen significant growth, with Bubble Skincare experiencing a 2,872% increase in searches year-over-year. This surge is largely attributed to their popularity on platforms like TikTok.

Bath & Body Works emerged as the most favored beauty brand in several countries including the US, Spain, and the Netherlands, indicating a broad international appeal.

Sephora continued to dominate the retail space, achieving the highest organic search traffic among beauty retailers and maintaining a vast social media following.

In the influencer realm, Nikkie de Jager, known as NikkieTutorials, led with the highest estimated earnings per post, followed by Bretman Rock and James Charles, who command significant followings across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Carly Cochrane, a beauty expert at Cosmetify, remarked on the index’s findings, noting the significant industry shifts towards skincare and inclusivity. The report underscores the importance of digital presence in today’s market, as brands and influencers continue to shape consumer preferences through their online engagement.

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