Following its recent House of Sephora beauty showcase, Sephora Australia & New Zealand has announced the five most influential beauty trends poised to dominate the industry in 2024.

Through meticulous curation and analysis, these trends encapsulate the evolving preferences and innovations shaping the beauty landscape.

Glitter, Gloss & Glam makes a striking return, emphasising vibrant, eye-catching makeup. Key product launches, such as Amy Jean Brows’ Brow Stretch and Natasha Denona’s Hyper Natural Face Palette, are set to redefine glamour with their glittery and glossy finishes.

The Skincare Routine Staples trend, or Skinimalism, advocates for a minimalist approach with high-quality, purposeful products. Sephora’s selection, including Alpha-H’s Melting Moment Cleansing Balm and The Inkey List’s Bio Active Ceramide Moisturiser, caters to this demand for efficiency and sustainability.

Head-to-Toe Essentials highlights the importance of holistic care, from nourishing hair treatments like Ouai’s Anti-Frizz Crème to enriching body lotions, underscoring the trend towards comprehensive self-care.

Feel Good Fragrance emerges as a key trend, with Sephora offering a range of scents like By Rosie Jane’s Missy EDP and Goldfield and Banks’ Silky Woods Elixir, designed to elevate mood and personalise daily rituals.

Lastly, Hard-Working Hybrids spotlight products that offer dual benefits, such as Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen Super Glow Drops SPF 50, blending skincare with makeup to streamline beauty routines.

These trends, identified by Sephora’s keen insight into consumer behaviour and industry innovation, signal a year of dynamic growth and creativity in the beauty sector.

Images from the House of Sephora below. Credit: Jack Owen Bennett.

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