So, you’re about to invest in an expo or trade show – what are the do’s and don’ts?

Do your research

Make sure you find the right show – attracting the relevant audience for  your brand. If yours is a salon brand don’t be at the gift fair. If you want your brand to be in FMCG don’t be at a professional expo. If you have global plans for your brand, then look at Cosmoprof; they have all types of shows all over the world. We have amazing brands in Australia and the world wants us! Choose how you exhibit yours carefully.

Be prepared

Before your expo go to a few others, even in different industries. See what they are doing well to get your attention and look at how you can inject that into  your business. Look at the stand sizes and see how easy it is to see their offering and enter their space. These are things that matter when a volume of people come through. Research how to build stands and transport them.

Nothing for nothing

If someone want a sample, give them one, and in exchange, take their details! It’s that simple. At esprit’s latest expo stand we had iPads at the ready with a dedicated landing page to collect audience details. A goody bag in exchange for a mini-survey.

Don’t be stingy – if you are going to sample, make it worth it. Or not at all. Offer exclusives.

Have Fun – activity breeds activity.

Know what you want to achieve

What outcome are you wanting from exhibiting or attending an expo? It’s as simple as going to the fridge to fill your glass with chilled wine. You’ll find the bottle in there…if you’ve done your prep. You won’t find a designer handbag, freshly laundered bedding or an airline ticket. Match expo to expectations.

•  New accounts – potential new accounts have made the effort to be there, give them something to jump at.

•  Data base – if you want to connect via email with people you meet, take their details – make it easy and quick.

•  Distribution – know who you want to target. Prep your staff to read badges and have a plan of who to direct to whom. ie Buyer chat to Head of Sales, students chat to another staff member etc etc

•  Brand awareness – make sure your message is clearly received. Give out goodie bags and branding that people can take away with them. When people come to your stand because they have seen someone else carrying your branded bag, that’s a score for you. Capitalise on that opportunity.

•  Follow up – there is no point attending a show if you don’t make contact afterwards. Strike while the iron is hot. Make sure they remember you.

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