Priceline, the renowned beauty and health retailer, recently disclosed its highly anticipated annual compilation of the top 10 best-selling skincare products.

What makes this year’s announcement astonishing is that a single brand has accomplished a remarkable feat by securing each and every coveted spot on the prestigious list.

The Ordinary, a skincare brand known for its straightforward yet effective formulations, has emerged as the undisputed champion of Priceline’s best-sellers. Not only has The Ordinary clinched all ten positions on the list, but its Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 product has taken the coveted top spot, with one of these sought-after serums flying off the shelves every single minute.

Priceline revealed its top seller at  its 11th bi-annual health and beauty tradeshow event known as The Beauty Prescription Live.

The event included an intimate media breakfast where Priceline Pharmacy shared their top sellers for the first half of this year and trend predictions for the next six months. The breakfast also included a panel session with brand founders Sally Obermeder (Swiish), Georgia Geminder (Gem) and Raquel Bouris (Who Is Elijah) whose brands have already or will soon launch at Priceline Pharmacy.

Sixty-four brands,  including 11 exclusive ones, were showcased on the day including  Cake Haircare, Clear Skincare, Georgiemane, Good Dye Young, MPCosmetics, Revolution Beauty, Software Skin, Tanologist, and tbh Skincare.

In addition to these established exclusives, the event also introduced two newly announced brands: Dr Paw Paw and Polished London.

Shoppers can now access these brands at over 465 Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores across the nation.

From left: Priceline Ambassador Tanya Hennessy, Priceline Pharmacy Hair & Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw, Priceline Pharmacy Head of Marketing Gabby Tully, Priceline Pharmacist Amy Sabatini.

“The Beauty Prescription Live demonstrates our position as Australia’s leading health and beauty retailer – our range boasts some of the newest, most sought-after products,” Priceline Pharmacy’s Head of Marketing Gabrielle Tully said.

Priceline Ambassadors Chrissie Swan, Tanya Hennessy and Olivia Rogers were in attendance, as well as Priceline Hair & Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw.

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