Whether you have a high roller budget, or a shoe string discretionary spend would you ever purchase a fragrance you just don’t like…and then wear it? A fragrance is your sensory signature, it’s your lasting sensory impression you leave with the one you encounter. A woman or man’s relationship with their fragrance is an intimate bond. The scent of a fragrance allows you to be creative and individual, to create an alter ego or choose a particular persona – you choose who you would like to be that day.

Does the price point of fragrance have anything to do with the pleasing scent that evokes a memory, an emotion and even a bodily reaction? Let’s take a look at three iconic fragrances, whose heritage might surprise you – and all quiet high achievers across pharmacy.

How can a brand continue to perform decade after decade on pharmacy shelves in the Australian market? With 86 years in the retail market it’s even outliving its loyal followers! Frostbland is the distributor of these three iconic fragrances: TABU, Tweed and Panache, which year after year have noteworthy market share and proven longevity. The distribution avenue for all three is group pharmacy and independent pharmacy. These three brands have become lifestyle fragrances priced to be affordable, yet with a history of prestige.

Understanding the retail scope and where your brand is best placed can be tricky territory. It all depends on the life cycle of your brand and navigating this challenging formula is something buyers and brands struggle with on a daily basis: from department store to pharmacy or pharmacy to FMCG. Brand placement can change to suit the times and evolution of the category and being categorised as ‘lifestyle’ from a former ‘prestige’ categorisation does not mean your brand is not of the same quality as when it entered the market decades ago.

Tabu is a brand whose consumers are loyal, forming a bond with Tabu that lasts a lifetime.

Launched in 1932 – Tabu is still recognised by perfumers around the globe as one of the world’s truly great fragrances. Tabu was first advertised in 1941 in Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar. It was positioned in high profile magazines with an affluent audience.

Its heritage, loyalty and unique scent cements Tabu in history.

“Tabu stirs emotions, as do other perfumes with a dominant patchouli/carnation harmony; Youth Dew (1953) and Opium (1977)” – Perfume Legends (pg 77). It’s this patchouli explosion that is so addictively bewitching. Prestige created from lifestyle.

Tabu is the affordable scent customers have known and loved for 86 years.

Exotic, provocative and ultra-lingering, “Tabu is a heady, oriental blend of flowers, spices and woods.”- by Dana

Christmas wrapped up with Tabu

Tabu offers a variety of Gift Sets for Christmas. They represent true value for money, with price points to suit every pocket.

Tabu 100ml Classic 4 Piece Gift Set – $29.95 RRP (valued at $84.83). Contains Classic EDT Spray 100ml, Perfumed Talcum Powder 100g, Perfumed Soap 100g, Perfumed Body Spray 75g.

Tabu 100ml Classic EDT Spray Collector’s Edition Gift – $19.95 RRP (valued at $59.90).

Tabu 15ml Gift Spray – $9.95 RRP (valued at $12.95).

Tabu 15ml 3 Piece Gift Set – $19.95 RRP (valued at $24.93). Contains Tabu Cologne Spray 15ml, Tabu Facial Cleansing Soap 100g, Tabu Hand and Body Lotion 100g.

Tabu Notes

HEAD NOTES: Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Basil (fresh spicy) The initial smell you notice upon application.

HEART NOTES: Carnation, Oriental Rose, Jasmine, Clover (Spicy Flowery) The heart of the fragrance and its identity.

SOUL NOTES: Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Oakmoss Vanilla (Rich Oriental) The warmth of the fragrance that lingers the longest.

Scents of English heritage

Tweed is one of the oldest English fine fragrances, launched in 1924, in the
“Flapper” era of The Charleston and Jazz music. It soon became an important fashion trend owing to the influence of motion pictures and famous female movie stars wearing this alluring chypre perfume.

Tweed has an elegant and sophisticated style along with a distinctive and
classic English look. With its own exclusively designed bottle, it makes a
beautiful accessory to adorn an elegant lady’s dressing table or a young
woman’s bathroom shelf.

Today Tweed is proud to remain amongst the UK’s best-known fragrances
with a long history and tradition.

Tweed Notes

A delightfully warm rich chypre style fragrance with green top notes and deep woody base. The ultimate in style and sophistication…

HEAD NOTES: Bergamot, Aldehydes, Lavender, Geranium, Galbanum, IBQ (Fresh, Green) The initial smell you notice upon application.

HEART NOTES: Narcisse, Carnation, Jasmine (floral) The heart of the fragrance and its identity.

SOUL NOTES Vetiver, Patchouli, Labdannum, Muse  (Woody, Musky) The warmth of the fragrance that lingers the longest.

The ultimate in style…

A timeless attractive fragrance with a blend of light floral musk notes. Deep mossy and woody with a melange of delightful spices, perfectly blended with ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose and refreshing citrus notes.

Panache was launched in 1979 and is one of the UK’s best known fragrances and is as popular today as it was, almost 40 years on shelf.

Panache is a timeless, attractive fragrance made up of Floral, Aldehydic and Musk notes used in perfumery to especially appeal to the young at heart…and those looking for a sensual, stylish and floral fragrance.

The fragrance has a loyal consumer base around the world, especially in UK, Ireland and Australia. The heritage and the uniqueness of this fragrance have continued the success and growth of the brand.

Panache Notes

HEAD NOTES: Aldehydic, Bergamot, Orange The initial smell you notice upon application.

HEART NOTES: Jasmine, Muguet, Rose The heart of the fragrance and its identity

SOUL NOTES Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Mask The warmth of the fragrance that lingers the longest.


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