First launched in 1980, the universal Sisley Paris Ecological Compound  quickly achieved cult status, with one bottle sold every five seconds around the world today.

Although the packaging and glass bottle has had many updates with countless limited edition collaborations, the formula has remained the same –  ginseng to revitalise, rosemary to tone and stimulate, hops to stimulates, horsetail to remineralise and tone and centella asiatica  to regenerate and revitalise the skin.

That is, until now.

Sisley Paris has launched its Ecological Compound Advanced Formula, which is now enriched with two new key ingredients – burdock and meadowsweet extracts.

The new formulation targets the microbiome – the essential role of the microorganisms in the skin’s balance, and innate immunity – the ability for the skin to defend itself. 

Sisley Paris Regional Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Nicolas Chesnier, travelled to Australia  for the launch. He was joined by Sisley Paris ANZ General Manager Irene Robinson and  National Trainer ANZ April Roberts.

Speaking at the launch event, Irene said the brand “has a very strong and unique expertise in beauty” and “was founded on the concept of the term phyoto-cosmetology”.

“What that means is that we’re using the very best plant extracts providing the latest scientific innovations to create the best quality beauty products and Ecological Compound is an iconic product,” she said.

Images from the launch event below. Credit @studiolatessa.

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