Sisley Phyto-Blanc Le Concentré.

It’s Sisley Paris’ biggest launch for the year – and it is truly incredible.

The very exciting skincare release by the luxury French skincare and cosmetics house is Sisley Phyto-Blanc Le Concentré

Priced at $520.00 for 20ml, it’s certainly sitting pretty in the luxury end of skincare. But the new intensive and comprehensive brightening serum promises to live up to its name – and price tag – by revealing the complexion’s natural transparency, resulting in even, radiant skin.

For the first time, Sisley research has taken inspiration from the DKK1 protein, after scientists identified the protein as the factor responsible for palmoplantar whiteness.

As a natural melanin production inhibitor, this dermal protein is specifically produced by the fibroblasts in the palms of the hands and feet. 

Sisley Research has taken inspiration from this natural, localised mechanism, to create a serum with an intense brightening and unifying action on the face through three targeted actions: 

1. Intense brightening action – Egyptian myrobolan extract reduces the melanin production by stimulating the production of DKK1 by non-palmoplantar fibroblasts. 

2. Targeted anti-dark spot action through a patented complex of four active ingredients: pea peptide extract, hexylresorcinol, wild thyme and vitamin B3 – for overall action on the four stages of melanin production, which is responsible for dark spots on the skin surface.

3. A protective action– the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E acetate and the soothing benefits of alpha bisabolol of natural origin protect the melanocytes from the environmental external aggression and lifestyle factors that cause oxidant and inflammatory micro-stresses that are responsible for the overproduction of melanin.

After 15 days of twice-daily application, the complexion transparency is revealed, the skin is more crystal clear, and the appearance of dark spots has been visibly reduced.

How to use:

Apply two pumps morning and evening to the face and neck. The creamy, fresh texture glides onto the skin and transforms to leave a soft and velvety finish.

Available: exclusively from David Jones stores nationally and online at

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