A skin cancer survivor and devoted self-tanner has introduced the world’s first hair care range designed exclusively for enthusiasts of fake tanning.

The Australian haircare brand, named Auriche, was conceptualised after extensive university research revealed the detrimental effects of tanning products on hair. Auriche, derived from the Latin word ‘aur,’ meaning gold, aims to shield golden hair from the harm inflicted by tanning products. 

Founder Lana Kelly, a skin cancer survivor, embarked on this venture when faced with the dilemma of choosing between her golden hair and skin after a decade of regular fake tanning.

“After a decade of regular fake tanning, I noticed persistent discolouration around my blonde hairline and realised that weekly spray tans were the culprit,” she said. “Forced to choose between my hair and my skin was an impossible decision so I decided to find a solution that meant I wouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.”

The pandemic provided an opportune time for Lana to experiment with commercially available products to protect hair from fake tan. However, finding no effective solutions, Lana collaborated with chemists to create world-first formulas.

Over four years, the Auriche team refined their formulas through clinical tests and trials, including a groundbreaking experiment with the University of NSW. The research highlighted that fake tan could be as damaging to hair as bleach. Protected with Auriche, hair strands appeared smooth and healthy, in stark contrast to the cracked and brittle follicles exposed to fake tan without protection.

The result of this  research is a range of four Auriche products offering the ultimate haircare regime for self-tanners:

  • PROTECT: A groundbreaking serum enriched with Kakadu plum and snowflower shields hair follicles from fake tan damage.
  • CLEANSE: This clarifying shampoo, featuring five Australian botanicals, removes fake tan-induced discolouration.
  • RESTORE: A bond-building purple conditioner tones coloured hair and rebuilds broken bonds.
  • REPAIR: A leave-in serum offers heat and UV protection to rebuild hair damaged by fake tan exposure.

Scientifically formulated, cruelty-free, and Australian-made, the Auriche range is packaged in unique recycled-plastic packaging.

Tp celebrate the launch, a champagne breakfast was held at Bondi Icebergs on the first day of summer. Images from the event below:

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