Has Richard Branson been watching Seinfeld reruns?

Just like Kramer wanted to launch Beach, a cologne that smelled like the seaside, billionaire Branson has launched a fragrance that smells like… Ship.

Yes, that’s right. Ship.

On the website, itsmellslikeship.com, the question is posed: ‘What’s that smell?

The explanation reads:

An age-old question put forward by sailors since the very first days of oceanic exploration. After all these years, we finally have an answer. It’s not just any smell.  It’s Ship No. 1, the signature scent of Virgin Voyages’ first lady ship, Scarlet Lady. Take it with you wherever, whenever.  And when somebody walks into the room and says, “It smells like something in here, but I just can’t put my finger on it.” Let them know. It smells like ship.’

To coincide with the release, the 69-year-old entrepreneur has starred in a tongue-in-cheek video to announce the release of the signature scent.

But despite its satirical start, it took countless hours of research and testing to create its unique formula, with all proceeds going to Ocean Unite, a non-profit foundation dedicated to ocean conservation.

Air Aroma International Fragrance Project Manager Jolene van Roemburg said Branson started working on the project with them in 2018,  with the idea of creating a signature scent for the Virgin ships, which organically led to the creation of a retail perfume.

“We were looking to create a unique scent that brings the wonder of the ocean on-board the ship,” she explained.

“The scent needed to feel fresh and modern, and a bit edgy – this is Virgin, after all – but still something that would be universally pleasing to sailors (passengers) of all ages.”

Jolene said they went through two rounds of samples, with a total of eight options presented.

“The final fragrance chosen is comprised of Mandarin, Sea Lavender, Orange Flower, Rosemary, Figwood, Sea Salt, and Musk,” she said.

“The scent will be diffused on board Scarlet Lady in her public spaces when she launches in March 2020.”

Following the creation of the scent, the idea for the retail fragrance was born.

“A couple months ago, we started discussing potential retail items that we could create in their fragrance,” she said.

“They loved the idea of a spray, and mentioned they were going to be selling these online.

“We had no idea the proceeds were going to Ocean Unite until the ad came out but love that idea and think it’s totally in line with Air Aroma’s brand. We’re excited to have partnered with Virgin on this project.”  

Watch the video below.

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