Flâner Fragrances has introduced Sonic Silver, a unique eau de parfum that pays homage to Melbourne’s distinctive character, coinciding with the opening of their new flagship store in the culturally vibrant Fitzroy neighbourhood.

This fragrance seeks to encapsulate the essence of Melbourne, a city celebrated for its rich tapestry of culture, art, and history, through its innovative and transportive scent.

The inspiration behind this perfume came from the city’s expansive tram network, an iconic feature that resonates with both locals and visitors. The tram system, representing the lifelines of the city, served as a muse for the fragrance, infusing it with a metallic motif that evokes the rhythm and movement of Melbourne.

The creation of Sonic Silver involved a meticulous formulation process, where traditional fragrance notes were eschewed in favour of more unconventional ones. The perfume combines metallic notes that mimic the essence of tram tracks, with deep base notes of asphalt and tar that mirror Melbourne’s urban landscape. Furthermore, the scent is enriched with petrichor, the aroma of rain hitting dry concrete, capturing the city’s unpredictable and transient weather patterns.

Sonic Silver is positioned as a fragrance for individuals who embody creativity and a free spirit, mirroring the dynamic and eclectic community of Melbourne.

It challenges the norm by offering a novel aromatic experience, distinguishing itself as Flâner Fragrances’ most experimental scent to date. The intention behind this avant-garde composition is to provide a unique sensory journey, inviting wearers to explore the depths of Melbourne’s charm and vibrancy.

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