Joanna Shalala, Senior Medical Officer at Reckitt Benckiser and Giaan Rooney

It might be Fashion Week in Sydney but we’re also winging our way through Eczema Awareness Week – 13 May – 19 May – an occasion created to bring awareness to this insidious life-changer. Eczema spans from being mildly uncomfortable to full-on painful and provoking mental health and relationship difficulties. The skincare chemists have busily worked on salvation for sufferers for many years with chemical and natural lotions and potions. Famously in the UK, people reach for the emollient-rich cream, called E45. Owned by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) today’s 60-year-old E45 brand is a modern range of sensitive skin solutions. Now available in Australia. For the launch, beauty media were introduced to the range by Joanna Shalala, Senior Medical Office at RB who explained the science, while Olympic Swimming Champion, Giaan Rooney, talked about her life with itchy, eczema-like skin irritations from her hours…and hours…in chlorinated pools.

The E45 range is founded on proven dermatological expertise and is specifically formulated with a range of emollients and occlusives, known to smooth and soften skin while providing a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss. In particular, Cream E45, helps to reduce skin dryness in conditions such as eczema.

Pharmacies are the perfect stockist for such a brand, with their trusted environment and knowledgeable staff – go you guys.  It’s also available in supermarkets and priced to be accessible: eg – E45 Cream Tub (50g) $6.49, E45 Shower Cream (200ml) $12.49. It’s both an affordable and trusted range.

Putting eczema in its place – key research* insights:

  • 1 in 3 Australians are affected by eczema at some stage in their life*. This makes Australia one of the highest incidences of eczema in the world.
  • 47 per cent of Australian eczema sufferers stated the condition had a significant impact on their personal relationships with family and friends.
  • 43 per cent of sufferers surveyed said eczema causes a significant impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

*The Atopic Dermatitis Australian Study, PEEK Volume 1 Issue 4, February 2018 was commissioned by the International Centre for Community Driven Research


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