The Covid-19 pandemic supercharged three major categories – skincare, wellness and baby care. Biophysics is a key player across all of the booming sectors through its award-winning Skin Physics skincare brand, Rapid Loss, one of Australia’s most recognised meal replacement brands, and Avo Baby, a unique baby care brand which uses Australian Certified Organic Avocado Oil. The last 12 to 24 months has been a period of strategic activity, says Tania Thistlethwaite, Brand and Marketing Manager for Biophysics, to maximise the potential of each of our brands as demand increases and to fuel growth. Skin Physics made a lasting impact on the anti-ageing skincare category when it launched in 2007. The brand’s leading points-of-difference of first-to-market active ingredients, world class stem cell technology and extensive clinical background in phototherapy and retinol quickly built a strong and motivated customer base. By late 2018, Skin Physics was in the top 8 per cent of best-performing skincare brands in Priceline. The iconic Dragon’s Blood range became a top contender in the pharmacy chain, mainly through its Facial Sculpting Gel, dubbed the liquid facelift, and Ultra Plumping Night Cream.


 The Dragon’s Blood range continues to go from strength-to-strength, but the time had come to modernise the look to enhance on-shelf appeal and attract new consumers, says Thistlethwaite. “The repackaging and refreshed look of the Dragon’s Blood range targets women of all ages from Millennials addressing the first signs of ageing to those aged 45-plus who are looking to maintain a more youthful appearance”. The Facial Sculpting Gel retains its original benchmark formula for one compelling reason – it works. Skin-firming and plumping collagen peptides have been added to the Ultra Plumping Night Cream, Deep Wrinkle Filler and Radiance Daily Moisturiser. The 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser with superior foaming action and Retinol Sleep Serum complete the Dragon’s Blood lineup for a round-the-clock skin routine that restores the skin’s youthful vitality.

Skin Physics has moved beyond its pure-play anti-ageing focus and also offers preventative and protecting products suitable for Gen Zers in their teens and 20s and Millennials. Ten months ago, the brand entered one of the most exciting areas of today’s skincare market with the Biome Balance range. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in the skincare sector centred on balancing the microbiome – the bacteria-rich layer that sits atop the surface of the skin and helps to maintain its health. Prebiotics and probiotics are the hero actives in products formulated to target the microbiome and they are the core ingredients of Skin Physics Biome Balance range of ground-breaking SKUs – Probiotic Overnight Repair Cream, Prebiotic Multi Cleansing Oil, Probiotic Daily Moisturising Gel and Intensive Pro Renewal Serum. The spotlight on microbiome-based skincare intensified during the Covid-19 crisis as consumers battled an increased incidence of eczema, acne and premature ageing caused by stress. Major multinationals such as Unilever and Shiseido have snapped up brands using probiotics to balance the microbiome over the past two years and the future is even more promising, says Mintel, the global market research company. Nearly 50 per cent of consumers in the US are interested in trying probiotic skincare such as Skin Physics Biome Balance, with Millennials at the forefront closely followed by women aged 50-plus.


 Some skincare trends are momentary, while others have long-lasting momentum. The global active ingredient market is still driven by the consumer desire for results and the Covid-19 crisis fast-tracked the use of dermatologist-recommended actives such as Vitamin C with good reason. It is the most studied antioxidant used in skincare and brightens, hydrates and protects the skin against pollution. Skin Physics Oxygen-C delivers the goods with a total skincare care range from cleansing to moisturising and a trio of masks, including Vitamin C Purifying Clay Mask, which won the Best New Face Mask gong at the prestigious 2022 Beauty Heaven Glosscar awards. The global and Australian anti-ageing skincare markets continue to grow strongly and consumer interest remains at an all-time high. For consumers looking for high performance anti-ageing products, Skin Physics has built up a major following for its Advance Superlift range. A solutions-oriented routine that lifts, tightens and smooths the skin.


As consumers lives become more hectic, the meal replacement market is riding the wave. According to Future Market Insights, the global meal replacements market reached sales of US12.5 billion in 2022 and is predicted to reach US$23.2 billion by 2032. Biophysics acquired Rapid Loss, one of the first and best-known meal replacement brands in Australia, in 2018. From the get-go, the marketing focus was switched from the purely weight loss sector to encompass the wellness category. “The Rapid Loss range has been extended to include snacks as well as shakes to underline the message that our products are not just for weight loss, but can play a leading part in helping those with busy lifestyles to maintain their weight easily. We have also tracked the high protein trend in many foods and drinks, and have debuted a new high protein offering to appeal to this rapidly growing market,” says Thistlethwaite.


The global plant-based baby care products market was valued at US$24.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$80.2 billion by 2031, reports Allied Market Research. The Australian natural and organic baby care market is also booming as parents seek out products for their children that minimise the use of chemicals and nourish their skin naturally. Biophysics launched Avo Baby in August 2021 to meet this soaring demand. The brand is unique to the baby care category, says Thistlethwaite. “The hero ingredient is Certified Organic Australian Avocado Oil which supplies pure natural nourishment to bub’s delicate skin. Currently there are four SKUs – Gentle Hair & Body Wash, Nourishing Everyday Lotion, Soothing Barrier Balm and Massage oil. But the brand has performed very well since launch and we are planning an extension of the range later in the year”. The Covid-19 pandemic also escalated consumer preference for Australian-made products and the buy local trend has gained unstoppable momentum. All three of Biophysics core brands are made in Australia and New Zealand and deliver the benefits that Aussie brands have long been famous for – high quality, science-backed, value, efficacy and ease-of-use. For more information visit