What’s the first concern a woman has when she’s considering colouring her  hair at home? She’s going to damage her Crowning Glory.  Her hair will break off and go brittle within a week!

As a world-leading home hair colourant, Clairol Nice’n Easy is perfectly positioned to power its R&D efforts into just this potential barrier to buying. Clairol Nice’n Easy Repair works its magic at the source to strengthen and restructure hair every time she colours.

Clairol Nice’n Easy Repair was developed after research showed that for women the #1 barrier to colouring their hair is fear of damage. The new Nice’n Easy Repair features cutting edge hair colour technology that works its magic by strengthening and repairing hair with every use, resulting in stronger, more beautifully coloured hair.


“Plex has been a game changer within the hair colour market over the last few years, helping address concerns about colour damage. Now a regular treatment in salons, there is still a lot of opportunity to enhance and improve the home hair colour experience by bringing the added benefits of Plex to consumers who regularly colour their own hair”, says Divya Gujral, Senior Brand Manager Clairol, ANZ  “Our REPAIRPLEX features micro-bonding technology that actively rebuilds bonds within the hair that have been weakened by regular colouring. The quality of your hair is improved with every use, resulting in stronger locks, and longer lasting colour – a key benefit for those customers who colour their hair every four to six weeks.” “It is great to be able to offer consumers the latest home hair colour innovation, backed with the trust and heritage of Clairol’s iconic Nice’n Easy brand. Our new Nice’n Easy Repair franchise will be an opportunity for our existing customers to trade up, and for new customers to try a more premium hair colour at home – all whilst addressing their no.1 home hair colour fear – damage.” With a selection of 18 gorgeous shades, and 100% grey coverage, Nice’n Easy Repair will provide the ultimate home hair colour experience.


Colouring your own hair at home is a commitment. The pros have to outweigh the cons. “Our breakthrough Repairplex technology means you no longer have to compromise between great colour and healthy hair”, says Divya Gujral. Nice’n Easy Repair will deliver your best colour result whilst providing 2x the repair for up to 97% less hair breakage.” Key selling points that the brand is educating the consumer on, through messages on the carton and at point of sale, feature the Repairplex strong hair promise, loud and clear. Strengthening and restructuring with every colour and conditioning at every step are the leading points of difference. With skin allergies and irritations becoming commonplace, Clairol has developed the ME+ allergy gentle molecule, says Divya Gujral:” This is a revolutionary hair dye molecule that better protects people without a hair dye allergy by reducing the chance of developing one”. A fresh floral scent and non-drip permanent colour crème add to the pleasant experience. With all the benefits of application and results, customers can expect natural looking colour which they will truly love.

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