Raww is a line of cosmetics and skincare infused with superfoods, created by Total Beauty Network (TBN) in Australia. Accessibly priced for Australian Retailers with 30ml foundation at $34.99 and lipstick at $24.99.

TBN Founder and CEO, Tony Rechtman is super proud of the company’s achievement in breaking ground in the natural, organic beauty category, introducing beauty media to the line-up with a makeup artist demonstration, pre on-counter launch. All the products are coconut water-based and infused with a range of superfoods including the hero ingredient, Wildberry Harvest, and Kale Extract.


How was Raww created?

“Raww is the world’s first Australian superfood infused colour cosmetic and skincare brand. It’s hard for people not to be overwhelmed by the never-ending wave of cosmetics available to them these days. Early on, we identifi ed that there was little to nothing out there for those seeking healthy, natural-ingredient cosmetics that they could trust to be good for their skin. TBN has a huge amount of expertise in the organic cosmetics space with INIKA and so we sought to create a truly healthy brand for the masses – something that performs amazingly; without all the toxins hiding in the formula! We had our lightbulb moment as we saw the popularity of ‘superfoods’ gain serious momentum in the lifestyle space. We just knew that we had to create a range of healthy, superfood-powered cosmetics and skincare for today’s conscientious beauty consumer. This is how Raww was born!”

Who is it for?

“We genuinely believe that healthy cosmetics should be available to everyone. Increased understanding about ingredients and the change towards selecting products that are better for us has become a lifestyle movement, something that can’t be defined by simple demographics, like age. Raww has been specifically created for all those seeking a healthier alternative to mainstream, mass-produced and unhealthy cosmetics. The Raww approach to beauty is light-hearted and youthful, with outstanding performance. Raww has formulas that will amaze those who wear makeup as part of their everyday routine, all the way through to girls that are just starting to use makeup.
“From a trade perspective, Raww is committed to bringing all new customers into stores. As part of the Total Beauty Network, Raww has such a unique off er that customers will not simply be choosing it over another brand, trading dollars for dollars in store. Because of its unique position and our commitment to investing in results-driven marketing initiatives, Raww will drive incremental sales to delight our retail partners.”

What are the brand values?

“Be Healthy. Every single one of the brands at Total Beauty Network embraces a healthy focus on beauty. It’s our guiding philosophy and we live by it every day. Raww is a shining example of this – a superfood powered beauty brand that is free from nasties and is 100% certified cruelty-free (CCF).” 

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