Nick Mann, CEO of Swisse Wellness.

Wellbeing, already a multi-trillion dollar global industry, has been strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Swisse Wellness, the number one vitamins and supplements brand in Australia and number one in the Chinese online market, has seen a major jump in sales over the past year across both physical and virtual channels within the local market, says Nick Mann, managing director, H&H Group ANZ.

We’ve not only seen an increase in  Swisse’s e-commerce sites, he says. “But also a significant boost in online spending across many of our partner retailer sites, including Coles, Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse“.

Swisse has created opportunity for rapid sales growth – curently 400 per cent-plus over the past year – across multiple channels, adds Mann. “Be it traditional brick-and-click retailers or the emerging pure online players, along with social media selling and the surge of our brand website”.

We are also aware that the supplement market can be a confusing or intimidating space for many, he notes. “We’ve launched  complimentary Wellness Consultations with our in-house team of nutritionists and naturopaths.

“Consumers can book online and take a phone consultation to support their wellness needs at a time that suits them from the comfort of their homes. We see this as a real opportunity to genuinely connect with our customers”.

In August, Swisse launched five limited edition product bundles to help support its customers post-and-mid isolation wellbeing journey, working in collaboration with world-renowned, New York-based artist Brolga.

The Yawnicorn bundle.

Each bundle is uniquely designed with an individual animal persona targeting a range of iso-challenges – restless sleep or overindulgence – says Mann. “For example, we launched the Yawnicorn bundle which includes products that support sleep and the Glug-Glug Slugs bundle which focuses on detox products”.

Swisse has also seen a big shift towards men focusing on their self-care routine, he adds. “In June, we launched the new Swisse Men’s Skincare range, which has seen strong initial success.”

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