Cathy Xu, left, and Jessica Zoe, right.

With the clock ticking down to Christmas, cosmetic companies are hoping that Australians will do what they always do over the Festive Season – buy up big on fragrances and beauty products.

More than one third of annual fragrance sales in Australia take place in December.

esprit talked to two of Coty’s leading BAs in its luxury division for the inside track on building trust and getting customers over the line.

 Some of my favourite tips for upselling is firstly advising the customer of the value they will receive in the larger sized item says Jessica Zoe, Gucci Beauty, David Jones Elizabeth Street store in Sydney. “People want to know they are getting the best value in every purchase they make. Then creating some urgency –  of my limited stock in the larger sized product – (which is usually true).

 “This creates some excitement for them that they are special enough to be there with me at the right moment for this. Then offering to gift wrap also shows generosity, so the customer feels they are being taken good care of by me, and then it’s usually a quick sale.

“When it comes to cross-selling, my service is more focused on their entire experience with me, so my tip is to try to get them in the makeup/beauty chair.  Once they feel they have found their favourite shade in a product, the customer’s mood is lifted, and that’s when my favourite moment of being able to cross-sell comes in.

“It’s like a door opens for me to introduce other products and invite customers to try them and to complement their purchase.  Even if they don’t buy other items, they can walk away satisfied that they have had a great shopping experience, and they might come back for the cross-sold item next time.”

People often don’t know what they want until you show it to them says Cathy Xu, Coty Luxury, Myer Garden City store in Perth. “This is something Steve Jobs said and I’ve found it’s true for most of my customers. I always start with checking what a customer currently likes and is looking to buy then I aim to exceed those expectations.

“Product knowledge and personal experience is helpful here. It builds trust with the customer because they know a professional is helping them make a confident purchase. Once I’ve built trust, it’s a good time for upselling.

“I will always suggest to the customer there is better value in taking the larger size. It’s not only more luxurious, but often it’s double the volume of fragrance for only a small amount extra. I keep the atmosphere relaxed and never let the customer feel pressured into a decision.

“Once they’ve made a choice,  I’ll suggest another fragrance that will suit them and complement their main purchase. If they aren’t ready to buy another fragrance, I’ll offer them samples of fragrances that suit their taste or suggest to spray their skin before they leave. This often convinces them to return later and also buy the sampled fragrance.”

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