The Aussie Man, a respected player in men’s skincare, has unveiled a wholesale website aimed at fostering partnerships with retailers. The move seeks to offer discerning customers high-quality skincare products.

With a rising demand for top-tier men’s skincare, The Aussie Man aims to empower retailers to diversify their offerings. The wholesale platform provides access to a range of products combining natural ingredients with effective skincare solutions.

David Willey, Founder of The Aussie Man, expressed enthusiasm for the venture, inviting retailers and barbers to join in enhancing the skincare experience.

“Our brand’s dedication to quality, simplicity, and sustainability resonates with
modern consumers, and we invite retailers and barbers to join us in delivering a premium
skincare experience,” he said.

The product line includes facial cleansers, serums, moisturisers, and eye creams, all formulated to address men’s specific skincare needs using natural Australian ingredients.

The user-friendly wholesale website offers streamlined order processing and support, facilitating collaboration.

Benefits include competitive pricing, marketing support, and access to a growing skincare enthusiasts community.

Retailers, barbers, and salon owners are invited to explore wholesale opportunities, contributing to exceptional skincare experiences.

To learn more about becoming a stockist, visit or contact the wholesale team at

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