In an era of access anywhere, on-demand information, brands have more opportunities than ever to influence customer’s decision making. One company seeks to make shopping even more empowering and satisfying for consumers and brands alike …

Shping is an innovative shopper marketing and brand protection ecosystem, built to make shopping smarter, safer and more rewarding for all. The company is working towards building the world’s biggest product database on the blockchain. Shping will enable consumers, brands, government agencies, certification authorities and other trusted bodies to contribute data, which will ensure the integrity of information about products found in store.

The Shping App incentivises consumers for scanning product barcodes and enables them to access rich information about the product—what’s in it, where it’s from, and in some instances, to find out if it’s authentic, subject to product recalls or certified.

To fuel engagement through the App, brands can offer Shping Coins, a cryptocurrency that can be used to reward shoppers for their attention and their loyalty for taking part in activities such as watching videos, contributing product reviews, validating and updating product details and taking part in surveys.

Messages can be hyper-targeted based on a range of dimensions, including age, gender, location and prior-buying behaviours, making it an incredibly powerful tool for influencing consumers at the point of purchase. 

By perpetuating a cycle of engagement and reward, Shping helps foster the pursuit of information and brand connection amongst shoppers, opening a new paradigm for consumers and marketers to forge stronger bonds and mutually beneficial exchanges. 

For a limited time only, brands can purchase Shping Coins to fuel their campaigns at an introductory price during a one time only Token Presale.

To learn more about the benefits of Shping as a shopper marketing tool, and to activate a FREE subscription, visit

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