Impact International the tube manufacturer for a myriad of clients including many well know beauty and personal care brands has just cut the ribbon on its 290KwH solar farm at their Smithfield, NSW site. esprit Magazine was part of a group attending the opening, where Shadow Treasurer, The Hon Chris Bowen, State MP for Prospect, Dr Hugh McDermott MP and Helena Drnovsek Zorko, The Slovene Ambassador to Australia officiated.

This is the first solar farm for a manufacturer of this size in NSW. Installing solar panels across a small field – 800 sqm – and part of their rooftop will reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 300 tonnes per year and generate in excess of 395 mWhs of electricity each year. “Our goal is that while the sun is shining, all tubes manufactured at our Smithfield manufacturing site will be made using green energy generated from our solar farm, meaning our tubes will be produced using zero carbon emissions. This project involves not only the installation of our solar farm but also updating motors to more energy efficient models, re-designing our factory layout to improve production efficiency and installing smarter lighting, which in turn reduces energy consumption,” says Aleks Lajovic, Managing Director.

As the natural skincare category grows, many of these brands state that their products are certified organic or are based on nature. Up until this point, the packaging used to house these creams, ointments and lotions has largely been left out of the conversation, says Lajovic. “This is where Impact has expertise across all the international regulations”.

The engineer founders of Smart Commercial Solar spoke at the ribbon cutting event, explaining how the cost of solar has decreased to become more widely affordable. One cost cutting element is the rapid deployment and 5B technology – the world first Maverick technology was assembled on the farm in 12 hours. A markedly quicker, more efficient timescale than just two or three years ago, contributing to a much more affordable cost.

“Through installing our solar farm and wanting to offer tubes manufactured using zero carbon emissions, our aim is to add to our customers’ story. Now you can source beautiful looking tubes with minimal environmental footprint manufactured right here in Australia”.


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