If you work in a department store or beauty retailer, chances are you have had your hours reduced drastically, or you’re no longer working due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, if you work in a pharmacy, an essential service, no doubt you’re exhausted from being completely rushed off your feet during this crisis.

Either way, the team at esprit are doing what we can to stay connected with BAs, brand managers and decision makers during this difficult time.

We know a number of our regular subscribers  won’t have access to the latest printed edition of esprit, which is why we are making the Apr/May/Jun issue available for FREE to everyone online.

Some highlights from our latest issue:

  • Do you know what a vanicure is? Hint: It focuses specifically on beauty for the area ‘down there’. Find out more about this emerging trend from two savvy business women taking the stigma out of vaginal health.
  • Living in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’, especially with the threat of coronavirus, is not healthy and something can be done. Find out how stress can manifest itself, and how to reduce it, with insights, hints and tips from meditation and yoga teacher Olivia Ferrari.
  • For our regular Beauty & the Best feature, we chat to BAs to hear how they are dealing with the changing, challenging retail landscape following the bushfires and then Covid-19.

  • Some trends are momentary, but in skincare, dermo-cosmetics, probiotics and microbiome technology are more than a flash in the pan. See how and why the lines between beauty and health are changing.

  • Many beauty companies have been so busy chasing Millennials, they have dropped the marketing ball with some of their more loyal customers. Find out why Gen X, the forgotten generation, are now the core customers for many leading brands.

  • We catch up with not one, but TWO of Australia’s talented beauty darlings. Find out what scent superstar Delta Goodrem’s five top tips are to grow and develop a brand and see how supermodel and super mum Miranda Kerr juggles looking after three children and while managing a a multi-milion dollar skin empire.

  • Now is the time to learn and perfect new makeup skills from the comfort of your home. Learn how to apply makeup like a pro with our newest contributor in our influencer section, international educator Ross Andrewartha, who shares his seven tips to a flawless base.

There’s a whole bunch more to catch up on in the retail beauty industry, including news, business features, events and more in our jam-packed issue.

We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue online as much as we had writing it.  

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