This Valentine’s Day we are channelling our favourite look of the season: the blurred and dreamy lip, offering a softer and more romantic look for your date.

With the hazy lip stain look, apply once and you’re set for the night.

We spoke to Nicola Quinn, brand manager for Burt’s Bees, on how to get the best subtle lip-look to keep you and your clients feeling confident and glamorous this Valentine’s Day.

Step One: Apply Your Base

It’s important to have a good base whenever you are applying colour to your lips.

Windy weather, heating and weather changes can leave lips looking and feeling dry, cracked, flaky and rough.

“Start with the Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balm to nourish and make your lips feel smooth,” Nicola said.

“Infused with powerful fruit extracts and beeswax to richly moisturise and soften lips, the nourishing oils and butters will make your lips juicy, happy and healthy.

“With a matte finish and moisturising balm texture, this tint free tube of soothing lip balm glides on smoothly to nourish dry lips while keeping them revitalised and hydrated.”

Step Two: Colour In

The major benefit of lip crayons is how easy they are to apply.

Lip crayons deliver a soft, matte finish whilst hydrating lips with its moisture-rich wear so you’ll feel colourful and ready for anything.

“The Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons are a fun, twist-on lippie that allows for precise application without the hassle and mess of sharpening,” Nicola said.

“The crayons are incredibly creamy and intensely rich, but it stays put like a stain and doesn’t dry out lips and are named after some of America’s most beautiful and nutrient dense areas, from deep-rich red Redwood Forest to playful pink ‘Sedona Sands.”

Step Three: Make It Last

For the final touch, finish with lipstick for a velvety-matte finish.

“The Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick comes in 12 different colours and is formulated with moringa and raspberry seed oils to give your lips that added protection of hydration throughout the day.,” Nicola said.

“Apply it lightly and dab with your finger for a more subtle finish, or go bold with a complete application for a transfer-free finish.”


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