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The avocado has cost millennials a chance at home ownership and instead given them great skin.

It’s the super fruit captivating the beauty industry. Featured on specials boards, and now in ingredients lists, avocado is making its way into shampoos, creams and lip balms.

Just ask G&M Cosmetics, who has sold over 120,000 kilos of their Avocado Oil Cream during the past few years.

Avocado oil penetrates the skin to restore nutrients and remove dead skin cells. It also can boost blood circulation and increase collagen content, which is essential for a healthy complexion.

G&M Cosmetics’ R&D Chemist Dr Visay Viengkhou believes that avocados are one of the best fruits for healthy skin.

“Avocados are renowned as nature’s powerhouse and contain wonderful natural active ingredients rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins and super antioxidants that can improve your skin from the inside.”

“Avocado Oil helps transport active ingredients into the skin, that helps to maintain its firmness and structure,” says Dr Visay.

Here are Dr Visay’s three reasons why avocados are the new super ingredient in beauty products.

1. Antioxidants

Avocados are an excellent source of antioxidants and can protect against environmental damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing. This can improve the skin’s density, thickness, tone and general appearance.

2. Vitamins

Avocados contain a high amount of vitamin C, which leaves a glowing complexion. They are also rich in vitamin E, which assists in preventing damage from corroding fats.

3. Anti-inflammatory

The main benefits of avocados are the high content of healthy fats. The omega-9 and oleic acid contained in avocados regenerate damaged skin cells to reduce facial redness and irritation.


Australian Creams MKII range (including Avocado Oil Deep Moisturising Cream) retail between $4.99 – $8.99 and are available at selected pharmacies, online retailers, health stores and health practitioners.

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