Trichologist Lisa Caddy. Image: Instagram.

Media were invited to a Philip Kingsley Virtual Masterclass to hear about the science of the hair and scalp with trichologist Lisa Caddy.

Lisa dialled into the meeting from the UK where she is based at Mayfair in London.

Before the event, guests were sent the brand’s cult Elasticizer treatment along with a delicious grazing afternoon treat.

In the presentation, Lisa explained that a trichologist was someone who provided treatments and solutions to all hair loss and scalp problems for men, women and children.

“If someone experiences hair loss, has a scalp issue or a cosmetic issue, if they are unhappy with the condition of their hair due to heat damage etc, then they’ll come and see a trichologist,” she said.

Lisa said the retail range was inspired by the clinical formulations.

The brand Philip Kingsley launched in 1982, almost three decades after its founding father, the late Philip Kingsley, who originally coined the phrase “bad hair day”, qualified as a trichologist, she explained.

 “Philip’s most famous triumph was the creation of the Elasticizer, the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioner, which he created for Audrey Hepburn,” she said.

“This is the hair hero treatment.”

Lisa explained how important hair was when it came to impacting mood.

“You can have on your best dress and high heels, but if you look in the mirror and you’re not happy with your hair, it can spoil your day,” she said.

“Hair can be life changing for you.”

Lisa explained Philip Kingsley had a  “holistic approach to hair care” and that today  Philip Kingsley trichologists continued to strive for an all-encompassing, hands-on approach to haircare by ensuring complete wellness for the hair and scalp from the inside out.

Philip Kingsley launched their new sustainable packaging in 2019 using 100 per cent renewable sugarcane bioplastic, a process chosen due to its carbon negative advantages.

Committed to reviewing their portfolio of products to develop more sustainable, ethical alternatives, Philip Kingsley also chose to remove 95 per cent of their cardboard cartons from shelves and are currently working on the remaining 5 per cent.

 In the interim, they have switched to FSC-certified stock, supporting sustainable forestry.

The Philip Kingsley collection is now available in Australia at

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