Lucy Brooks, founder and director at Little Bird PR and Judy Deuchar, general manager at TVSN.

TVSN’s Beauty Bazaar was held virtually this year and was aptly renamed Beauty Ba-Zoom.

Now in its sixth year, it is an exclusive press event featuring world-renowned industry professionals from across the cosmetic and skincare categories.

TVSN this year celebrates 25 years in operation with beauty brands showcased on air via live demonstrations from industry professionals and experienced storytellers that bring the products to life with product demonstrations and expert tips and tricks. 

Lucy Brooks,  founder and director at Little Bird PR, kicked off the virtual event by said “we’ve got the same, juicy hot information that we have every year” before introducing guests to Judy Deuchar, general manager at TVSN.

Judy said the virtual event was a “chance to meet some of the trailblazers that have made a difference to our world this year”.

“Our landscape for us has really changed this year,” Judy said.

“Our beauty portfolio is an incredible one. In these topsy turvy times we have been incredibly fortunate and we’ve been very well placed that we can tell the story of our brands.  Women today can enjoy so much of what we have to offer.”

Judy said in  the past 12 months more than one million beauty products had been shipped to TVSN customers and the largest segment increase was the eye category, due to “the Zoom effect”, with a  72 percent increase  in eye creams and serums.

She said TVSN offered desirable and compelling boutique beauty brands, that represented a unique find within the industry.

 Embracing local and international presented in a live, informative and accessible style and encouraging consumer involvement was key to TVSN’s success, she said.

The event  featured special guest appearances by: 

Dr Harold Lancer – Celebrity Dermatologist and Founder of Lancer Skincare

Doris Dalton – Former Miss America and Founder of Doll 10 Beauty.

Dimitri James – Celebrity Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician and Founder of SKINN Cosmetics

Mally Roncal – Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Mally Cosmetics

Trudi Jaye – Skincare Expert and General Manager of Retreatment Botanics  

TVSN currently sells 57 international and boutique brands in the beauty category alone, including Lancer Skincare, Nassif MD, Eve Pearl, The Beauty Chef, Dyson, The Jojoba Company, Nourish London, Alpha H, Algenist, PÜR Cosmetics and L’Occitane.   

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