TVSN’s Beauty Bazaar, showcased some of the super successes selling on Australia’s leading TV shopping channel.

The annual display of the retailer’s headline hitters included new big-name collaborators; from all-Australian The Jojoba Company to the international, funky beauty indie, Doll 10 makeup.

Joining the line-up was established partner, global beauty & home brand, L’Occitane; and Beverly Hills celebrity coiffurist brand, Nick Chavez haircare.

The fabulous and awesome Judy Deuchar – GM TVSN introduced guest speakers: Vicki Engsall, co-founder of The Jojoba Company, Jourdan Walker from Doll 10; Gail Pace from L’Occitane, Paula Nagel from Rageism and Robby LaRiviere, Beauty Ambassador vising us from Beverly Hills salon and haircare brand, Nick Chavez.

In celebratory mood, Judy revealed TVSN’s revamped, rejuvenated and refreshed focus on pillars of product, customer and the in-house team.

“Going into our 25th year we are proudly building on what works. It’s all about how the customer interacts with the product,” says Judy.

TVSN indie brands set up for beauty media to sample

That means upping the ante on user education and live demonstrations, answering concerns and questions by simply showing them ‘how they should use the product to get the best result.’

“We’re amping up our customer interaction and taking them to where the magic happens … we took a group to LA to visit Nick Chavez’s salon in Beverly Hills. We did live broadcasts from Palm Springs. And as a homegrown experience with Alpha-H we took customers to (founder) Michelle Doherty’s Brisbane salon,”says Judy.

“The epicentre where the Alpha-H beauty treatments happen.”

Supporting customer care, the TVSN call centre operates 24 hours a day.

Celebrating all things Australian during 2019, the team went out and about to eight cites in eight days with live broadcasts in each location; from cities as diverse as Adelaide to Cairns to Broome.

TVSN gets in to 8 million homes and with a large percentage in remote areas, the purpose of the shows is to help customers get a true feel for the products that they can’t get to touch and feel, with zero to little beauty shops near them.

“We also love inviting customers to our Masterclasses – it gets people into trying new products and helps them with application tips and techniques, and even WHY they should try it. They’re very interactive”.

“Our customers love that we (TVSN) are Australian owned and that the presenters are so knowledgeable and interactive.”

In 2019 TVSN has partnerships with 82 beauty brands, 19 of which are new this year and exclusive to the channel.

Following the presentations, media guests browsed a range Beauty Bars chatting with brand representatives, sampling treatments and products to discover more!

Quick Facts

  •  Over 2 million targeted emails are sent out every month to customers with 17% open rate
  • On average customers buy 1.98 beauty products in any one transaction
  • TVSN sells over 23 beauty products in any one minute of live airtime
  • TVSN Today’s Special Offer – exceeded 2,000 units sold in 42 minutes this past winter (42 minutes in one day)

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