EcoTools Start The Day Beautifully Brush Set | RRP $29.99

It’s estimated around 60% of women wear makeup; but only 6% use makeup application tools.*

Beauty Advisors, this is a great sales opportunity for you! Here’s how to help your customers get a look they’ll love.

Our top tips for why brushes or sponges?

Makeup tools are often the difference between the finished look a customer will see in the mirror when a makeup artist does their makeup, versus doing their own (particularly if they apply primer, foundation and concealer products with fingers). Makeup brushes buff and blend products into the skin for a more flawless finish.

When products are applied this way they last longer on the skin; so there’s less need for touch-ups. Less touch-ups means your customer’s makeup products will also last longer. Using brushes is much more hygienic too!

How to start the day beautifully with EcoTools

  1. Even: Create an even base with the Angled Foundation brush – gently apply.
  2. Cover: Use the Multi-Tasking Blurring brush to buff product into the skin, hiding blemishes. You can also use this brush for eye shadow base application.
  3. Shade: Apply and blend eye colour using the Defined Crease brush using a windscreen wiper-like sweeping motion.
  4. Define: Define the lash line and brows with the Angled Liner.
  5. Finish: Sweep powder or blush onto the face with the Full Blush.

Why EcoTools?

Customers are increasingly seeking products that are natural, sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan. EcoTools pioneered eco, earth-friendly makeup tools over a decade ago – ahead of the trend curve.

EcoTools exists to empower women to look and feel their best, through beauty tools and the plant-friendly materials they are created with. With precision cuts, and the most gentle bristles,

EcoTools are recommended and loved by makeup artists and skincare experts.

*PPI proprietary research 2018

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