On cosmetic floors nationwide, spa-style cubicles that offer facials and other treatment services in the retail environment have long created more business for leading brands and department stores. Busy women often don’t have the time for day or week-long treatments and are increasingly turning to the prestigious and relaxing atmosphere of department stores. Ultraceuticals was a pioneer of this fast-growing joint venture trend in David Jones stores and has built up incredible brand loyalty not only for it’s effective, clinically proven products, but by being accessible at so many consumer touchpoints.

In-store skincare services across many brands include express facials, makeovers, manicures and more. But Ultraceuticals really tries to educate customers, while cocooning them with relaxing treatments. “Consultations are paramount with a brand like Ultraceuticals because of our integrity and the fact that our products really make a difference”, says Filis Gattuso, Acting National Account Manager – David Jones – for Ultraceuticals. “We undertake a thorough investigation of each client’s current skin condition and their skin history. All of our treatment products contain very high levels of active cosmeceutical-grade ingredients which penetrate the skin more effectively to create a skin response quite quickly. Many are clinically proven to provide equal or superior results to prescription-strength products, making the consultation process doubly important”.


For Ultraceuticals an-instore presence acts like a bridge to transition a customer from being cosmetic product consumer to one who purchases cosmeceutical skincare offering real visible results, says Gattuso. “There’s also the added benefit that if a customer arrives at an Ultraceuticals counter in a David Jones store with a serious condition that requires paramedical treatment, we can refer them to our nearest clinic for the required therapy.

Ultraceuticals therapists at counter are more accurately described as skincare coaches or counsellors, says Gattuso. “All of our therapists are passionate about their clients and go above and beyond to ensure that optimum results are achieved. Nothing is left to chance. Customers are advised which key ingredients will produce the results they are looking for. We also explain how to apply products in the most efficacious sequence and how to care for them to ensure maximum efficacy. Clients are also advised about lifestyle habits they need to monitor to ensure the best results. Our therapists offer additional complementary consultations after four to 12 weeks and provide regular follow-up contact”.


Renowned for updating its formulas in line with the latest scientific advances, Ultraceuticals is equally forward-thinking in its on-going relationship with David Jones, says Gattuso. “The appointment of business managers for each state allows us to close the gap between our head office and each David Jones Ultraceuticals counter. All scientific and technical facts regarding new product development are given to all staff before the product becomes available in store. Our award-winning training tool, UltraAcademy, provides another layer of support and delivery of in-depth education. Another advantage of local business managers is consistent one-on-one training and development for team members, which is particularly important when integrating a new employee into a team”. Our business managers also help to maintain a 6-star customer experience as the Ultraceuticals brand standard, says Gattuso. “Our business model is based on fostering client loyalty rather than being transactional. We don’t just sell in the traditional sense, we establish trust and build the client relationship with their best interests front of mind. A corporate attitude that has also helped our business managers to strengthen our relationship with David Jones store management on a daily basis”.

The three qualities that distinguish Ultraceuticals therapists in David Jones are -passion, compassion and a drive to succeed, says Gattuso. “Above all, they believe that there isn’t a customer whose skin cannot be improved. Our clients don’t just leave stores with products, they leave with a solid understanding and confidence that they are on the right path to great skin health”.

The common goal for both Ultraceuticals and David Jones is to grow both businesses while making a difference, says Gattuso. “Changing the lives of those with all types of skin conditions, enhancing their quality of life and helping them put their best face forward has always been the guiding principle of our founder, Dr Geoffrey Heber, and continues to drive the amazing success of the Ultraceuticals brand”. Ultraceuticals’ breadth of products and services means people with all levels of skin concerns can find a regime to maintain their skin and prevent future skincare concerns.


Liliya Dzeikun, an Ultraceuticals therapist at David Jones Bondi Junction, views new and existing customers as patients. “Ultraceuticals isn’t about quick-fix facials. We go on a personalised journey with each client, whether their concern is acne, congestion or premature ageing”.

Acne really affects the self-esteem of teenagers, so treating the problem is a mental as well as a physical therapy, says Dzeikun. “I achieved incredible results with one 17 year old boy. He had cystic acne and his skin was very damaged. The treatment process took eight months but we restored his skin to health. It was so satisfying when his mother said – Thank you. I’ve got my beautiful son back”. 

Pigmentation is a very stubborn issue to treat, says Dzeikun. “A customer came to me with a combination of hormonal and sun-induced pigmentation. Her son was getting married in five months and she wanted her skin to look great for the photos. We were able to dramatically reduce the pigmentation with the right products and application methods. The confidence she gained was incredible and she told me that it was such a relief to finally be able to concentrate on what she would wear for the wedding. That’s why I love coming to work every day”. 

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