Unlabelled is a social enterprise designed by award-winning skincare professionals Anthony McDonough and Chris Glebatsas, inspired by their personal experiences to help encourage young Australians just to be themselves.

The founders are both proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community and know all too well how damaging labels can be from their own experiences.

That’s why they believe so passionately about the Unlabelled brand and the work they are doing to end the stigma of living within a box defined by labels. 

Coles will stock its selected range across stores nationally to coincide with Sydney WorldPride 2023.

Three handwashes, three body wash, and two body bar products are available on shelves around Australia with exclusive packaging featuring new splashes of colour and Pride messaging. 

Each product features fun, positive messages on its sleek eco-friendly packaging and 100% of its profits are donated towards charities deeply connected to tackling youth suicide in Australia.

The funds support the lifesaving youth work of LGBTQIA+ charity QLife as well as the Black Dog Institute, Headspace and Kids Helpline.

New taglines include the joyous, “love always wins,” to the independent, “march to the beat of your own drum”, to the bold, “be out, be loud, be proud”, and the inclusive, “be brave, be true, be kind”. 

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