VÖOST Collagen Formation

VÖOST has established itself in the fizzy category of effervescent vitamins since launching in 2013.

Claiming the top spot as Australia’s leading effervescent vitamin brand* – VÖOST now launches into the ingestible beauty arena with Collagen Formation (CF).

Marine Collagen is the latest supplement to take the world by storm, being recognised for its benefits in supporting skin health, collagen and connective tissue health and the reduction of free radicals in the body.

VÖOST is aware of the demands of the market and has delivered a product that not only supports the health of skin, collagen and connective tissues, but stays true to the brand’s core values.

“Our mission is to provide the world with the widest range of premium effervescent vitamins and minerals which are affordable yet don’t compromise on taste or quality,” says Co-Founder of VÖOST Tom Siebel.

We all have different tastes, but it is pretty yummy if you like a tangy strawberry flavour and importantly each tablet contains less than 0.4g sugar per glass.

Each dissolvable tablet is powered with Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (500mg), Vitamin C (100g) and Biotin (Vitamin B7) 8mg. It also contains 372mg of sodium.

Available in tablet packs of 20 pack (RRP $7.00), 40 pack (RRP $13.00) and 60 pack (RRP $18.00) at Woolworths, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse as well as selected healthcare stores.

*VÖOST is the number one effervescent vitamin brand in unit share in Australia, recorded in quarter 2, 2019

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