Victoria Beckham has made her modelling debut for her eponymous beauty brand, unveiling a fragrance collection inspired by the romantic journey shared with her husband, David Beckham.

This much-anticipated scent collection is set to hit the shelves on September 29.

The former Spice Girl,  49, showcases her sculpted physique to promote her first fragrance collection.

Comprising three distinct scents, each intimately tied to cherished memories with husband David, these fragrances are designed to encapsulate her personal experiences and the atmospheres that have coloured their journey together.

Complementing each fragrance, Victoria has releases three images, each artfully designed to resonate with the essence of the scents with the launch image featuring her in black lace lingerie.

The fragrances ┬ábear the names of meaningful places in Victoria and David’s life: “Portofino ’97” evokes the whirlwind romance of their first trip together in 1997, two years before their wedding; “Suite 302” pays tribute to a Parisian hotel room that has witnessed their love story; and “San Ysidro Drive” captures the essence of the Los Angeles street where their California home stands, reflecting a relaxed and cool LA vibe.

In crafting these scents, Victoria collaborated with master perfumer Jerome Epinette, and their commitment to sustainability shines through with the use of progressive sustainable methods and responsibly-sourced ingredients.

The fragrance bottles draw inspiration from the glamorous modernity of early and mid-twentieth-century perfume design, with their fluted lids reminiscent of antique jewellery.

Since its launch in 2019, Victoria Beckham Beauty has been synonymous with clean beauty standards and minimal plastic use, adhering to Credo Beauty’s guidelines.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the exciting news about Victoria Beckham’s fragrance collection inspired by a love story. Your blog keeps us updated on the latest in the fragrance world, and we’re eager to experience this new collection!

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