Rita Ora and Anna Lahey.

Anna Lahey, the visionary founder of Vida Glow, has announced a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Rita Ora to launch Typebea, an innovative haircare brand designed to cater to all hair types.

This collaboration stems from a shared passion between Anna and Rita to address haircare challenges and empower individuals through enhanced self-confidence linked to their hair’s health and appearance.

Since its inception in 2014, under the leadership of Anna and her husband Kieran, Vida Glow has risen to global prominence, becoming the leading marine collagen brand worldwide. This achievement is attributed to Anna’s pioneering approach and unwavering dedication to science-backed, results-driven products, emphasising the brand’s commitment to clinical validation for each product released.

Vida Glow’s success story underlines Anna’s influential role in shaping the ingestible beauty industry, setting new standards for product efficacy and consumer trust.

Typebea, inspired by Rita’s personal haircare challenges and the strong belief in the connection between hair health and self-esteem, aims to transform the haircare market.

The brand promises a meticulously curated collection of products that stand out not only for their clinical effectiveness but also for their unique aesthetic appeal. This endeavour is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation, leveraging Anna’s expertise in developing results-oriented beauty solutions and Rita’s personal experience and influence.

Revealed through a coordinated announcement on both women’s social media channels, the partnership  marks a significant moment in the beauty industry, blending science, celebrity influence, and a genuine desire to address universal haircare needs.

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