In a recent study by Myer, Vitamin C was identified as Australia’s most searched skincare ingredient, garnering an average of 327,670 queries.

This analysis, which reviewed over 200 skincare ingredients, underscores a significant growth in Australian interest towards active skincare solutions.

Myer’s study utilised Google search data to not only rank ingredients by popularity in Australia but also to identify key trends across different countries. The results highlight  a robust curiosity about skincare, with Vitamin C leading the queries in not just Australia, but also in neighbouring regions like New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

According to Elissa Bartuccelli, Senior Buyer & Brand Manager at Myer, the popularity of Vitamin C reflects the Australian penchant for radiant and healthy skin.

“Discovering that Vitamin C is the go-to skincare ingredient in Australia truly highlights our devotion to radiant, healthy skin,” she said. “It perfectly aligns with our appreciation for its antioxidant benefits and brightening effects, fitting seamlessly with our love for natural beauty and the sun-kissed Australian glow.”

The report also detailed the top ten skincare ingredients searched in Australia, accompanied by the most common questions related to their use and benefits. These include inquiries on daily usage of Vitamin C serum, the compatibility of hyaluronic acid with retinol, and the effectiveness of niacinamide for acne treatment, among others.

Globally, the study revealed diverse preferences, with retinol and Vitamin C being the most favoured ingredients across various regions. In Europe, both ingredients saw significant searches, while in North America, tretinoin took the top spot in the United States.

Myer’s findings not only shed light on consumer interests and concerns but also influence product offerings at the store, with brands like SkinCeuticals, Clinique, and The Ordinary cited as top picks among customers.

The study, based on data ranging from January to December 2023, serves as a pivotal resource for understanding global and regional skincare trends, helping brands and retailers tailor their products to meet evolving consumer needs.

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