January can be a quiet time on the cosmetics floor. Everyone has usually over-spent during the festive season and the consumers who are shopping, most probably want to be in and out to enjoy the summer days ahead…so ‘express touches’ at counter are encouraged and appreciated by all, during this time of year

Do you really mean makeover?

 In the years that I was in the education team at L’Oréal Luxe, one thing that  really used to frustrate me in retail was the word Makeover… Yes I get it for TV shows and the wow factor of the before and after, but I always used to think to myself, ‘I wonder if that woman in the experience can actually recreate the look given to her…?’ Did anyone actually explain how to  style her new hair cut, or apply that beautiful makeup? Answer, generally no!

The value of education

In the retail space, it is vital to educate, and not just ‘makeover’, your customers. The idea to not show a makeup application in steps or stages is such a missed opportunity in sales, because if your customer cannot see product results as applied, how will they know and visually see product efficacy? Some used to say, the ‘wow’ comes from the full end result, so don’t show your client the mirror until the very end…the reveal. In my experience, sometimes doing so can be a bit much to take in, especially if the person isn’t used to much makeup. This way, seeing everything at once, at the end of the makeup session, they don’t have key product memory. As it wasn’t shown in stages, they might only focus on a couple of things they like. If you go through each product with your customer, and show one side or area of the face applied and the opposite un-made-up to compare, this creates wow for each product, not just the end look. It shows them the importance of a product system, not just a few prominent products that they may already have.

The power of the tutorial is bigger than ever, today – across all industries, but in beauty it can make anyone feel like a makeup artist. Learning the application techniques upskills them. YouTubers have nailed this. Makeup artists are now presenters and beauty advisors have the advantage of being at the forefront of brands and core products. So now you know…never ‘makeover’ someone. Educate with application techniques and before you know it, you will be conducting a mini tutorial which your customer can feel empowered from, resulting in higher sales. If someone feels they can do something, they are more likely to actually do it. The power of self-belief! Now, back to mini summer makeups, you don’t always need to start from scratch if the person already has makeup on. Honestly, who really enjoys having their makeup removed in a retail environment? Sometimes the best way to educate someone is to refresh and upgrade a makeup look they have already applied.

Whether it’s all or 1-2 products, updating and educating can make quick, summer retail sales – a light face serum or hydrating lotion-style moisturiser pressed into the face to refresh skin; a little re-conceal where needed to brighten; a pop of blush; a metallic eyeshadow on mobile eyelid; a smokey liner; and a central add of highlighter or lip gloss to lift. “Which ones, madame?”

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