We are all well aware that coconut in skin and hair care has been around since the first coconut cracked open and its yummy insides were revealed.

Use of this nutritious ingredient has peaked and troughed in recent decades – and today it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

When Google released its long-awaited annual list of Top Trending Searches for 2019, coconut oil was revealed as being one of the most searched beauty trends over the last year.

The term “how to apply coconut oil to hair” ranked number seven in worldwide beauty searches behind enquiries on applying fake lashes, how to apply blush and how to apply liquid foundation.

Nutritionist Liv Kaplan chatted with esprit about why the humble coconut is a well-loved stayer and how to best incorporate liquid coconut oil into a health and beauty routine.

“I love including liquid coconut oil in my beauty routine because I like knowing that what I’m putting on my body is good enough to eat too,” she said.

“This normally means it’s a natural product and not a chemical filled beauty product like so many are these days.

“I bet most people would have no idea what some of the ingredients in their beauty products are.”

Liv said liquid coconut oil was a great multitasker and could be used all over the body.

“I use liquid coconut oil as a hair mask, on my body to keep my skin moisturised in the drier months, I oil pull* with it and here’s my best kept secret…it makes the best makeup remover,” she said.

“I haven’t bought makeup remover in years.”

Liv said when advising consumers on how to best incorporate coconut products into a beauty regime, you had to look at each individual’s beauty routine.

“It may be swapping normal makeup remover for coconut oil or using it as a nightly moisturiser or even adding a spoonful to a morning smoothie to nourish from the inside out,” she said.

“Some other great things you can do with coconut oil are hair masks, cuticle oil, lip moisturiser and it can even be used as shaving lotion.

“When applied topically, the natural fats in coconut oil make it an effective moisturiser for the face, body and hair.

“And when consumed through diet, coconut oil offers an array of fats we need in our diets to support our hormones and keep our skin nourished.” 

Nick Sharma, founder of CocoEarth, who produce a range of coconut oil products, said the highly ranked search was reflective of people’s increasing inclination towards more natural products.

“People are really starting to turn away from beauty products that contain parabens, chemicals and other types of preservatives,” Nick said.

“Not only have people become much more environmentally aware, they’re also putting a lot more thought into what they put on top of their scalp and skin and what they may be absorbing into their body.”

* Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning. It’s said to improve oral health and may even help whiten teeth.

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