I recently spoke at esprit Magazine’s Marketing to Millennials & Gen Z masterclass 2018, designed for marketeers of beauty brands, focusing on how Millennials and GenZ respond within retail environments.

Having been in the industry now for 18 years, (yes I feel old), it made me think back to my days on the retail floor of cosmetic halls around the country and how much retail in general, but especially for beauty, has changed.

When I started my career at well known cosmetic houses, Beauty Advisors gave all the information most consumers received when it came to makeup application and skincare products.

We didn’t have any social media to influence a consumer’s perception of a brand or product, and application advice was very little to say the least. Apart from what your mum or another relative told you, possibly a friend, maybe a magazine article, the only real beauty advice came from pharmacies or department store representatives and brand loyalty was at an all time high because of it.

I remember clients of mine would buy up big, basically because they had no other knowledge of beauty but mine, and as I was all about educating my customers, they would feel very comfortable buying full makeup looks, resulting in fabulous retail results for myself, sometimes up to $4000 in one sale!

In today’s world, there is so much influence to ones personal beauty routine…

Daughters are now teaching their mothers, you can Google or YouTube any makeup question, a compete makeup look tutorial is one click away and we have more point of sales than ever, especially with the rise of online.


Being up to date, curious and evolving is essential with brand growth. Find the trends, watch tutorials, get amongst the beauty craze and talk the language of the online world and bring it all to your daily Beauty Advisor roles on the shop floor.

Women aren’t as brand loyal in 2018, and that’s ok…today they are aware of a wide range of products and new brands popping up every day. Your brand has unique products that passers-by may not have tried; you have personal experience with the products and you can work with a client’s specific needs. It’s about application for results that sells.

Many women in 2018 already have a big idea of what they are looking for when shopping for beauty – perfect – right or wrong you need to listen to them, and then use the tools provided by your brand and educate them. You can be their personal Google tool or tutorial expert, after all, personalisation is a big trend in today’s world.

You are the MESSENGERS of your brand.

Spread the word, but have fun with it.

Create atmosphere, be experimental and you’ll attract more traffic to your counter.

At the end of the day, watching a YouTube video can create ideas on products and looks, but only YOU can demonstrate those ideas to suit your clients’ needs and concern. Personalise and tailor make a beauty prescription with your customers. And follow up. Lead by example!




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