Balm Beauty, an Australian clean cosmetics brand, has launched its new range in Sephora stores across Australia.

Known for its philosophy of simplicity and clean beauty, Balm aims to streamline beauty routines with its latest collection, Minimalist Beauty Essentials.

Speaking exclusively with Retail Beauty at a recent launch event held at Fayshell, Balm Beauty founder Zoe Prieston, who started the brand at the age of 22 during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2021, shared the inspiration behind Balms’s creation.

“During a lockdown walk with a friend, I noticed her glowing skin and asked what she was wearing,” she said. “It turned out to be Vaseline, which sparked an idea for a makeup product with a thin consistency and subtle pigment, perfect for a quick swipe when you’re on the go. I realised there was a market opportunity for such a product and decided to develop it myself.”

Zoe immediately started researching ingredients and experimenting with formulas. “After several iterations and feedback from friends who were impressed with the results, I approached a cosmetic manufacturer,” she explained. “I emphasised the need for simplicity, versatility, and easy application. This led to the launch of two products – a cream highlighter and a cream bronzer. I built my own website to sell the products and went from there.”

Zoe’s innovative approach with Balm soon caught the attention of Sephora, leading to a significant opportunity.

“Sephora noticed my work and reached out, which I initially thought was a scam,” she said. “They were interested in a new clean category and offered me an online partnership, with potential for in-store placement later. This opportunity allowed my brand to expand rapidly.”

Despite the challenges of launching a new brand, including battling impostor syndrome, Zoe continued to develop and refine her products.

“The partnership with Sephora was crucial for early stability, helping me refine my product line before further expansion,” she said. “My journey has been filled with learning and adapting, but the consistent support and positive reception from users keep me motivated to innovate and grow my brand. My passion project has grown into a full range of products.”

Balm’s Minimalist Beauty Essentials Collection includes The Tint (a lip-to-cheek cream blush), The Glow (a clean, sheer cream highlighter), The Bronze (a creamy bronzer that sculpts and defines features), The Brow Balm (a clear eyebrow styling wax), and The Oil (a glossy lip oil that protects and enhances the lips).

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