The Gro-To product range: Super Softy, Sud Bud, Bad Dream Buster, Skin Wizard

She has conquered the world of skincare with her successful Go-To and Bro-To ranges, and now Zoë Foster Blake is looking after the skin of the little people in your life with the launch of Gro-To.

The founder of Go-To, author and mother of two, decided to create a skincare range for kids after continually using her own products on her children.

“The idea dawned on me; why isn’t there a Go-To for kids? A range of simple plant-based products for babies and kids that parents would trust, and kids would actually want to use,” says  Foster Blake.

There are four products in the new range; body wash, body oil, moisturiser and a calming mist.

Calming mists seem to be uncharted territory in the children’s skincare genre, despite being very popular with grown-ups. It’s a no-brainer to create a version geared towards children, and we are kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first. Bad Dream Buster is a lavender-scented room spray to calm, soothe and ward off the ‘boogeymen’.

“My five-year-old has taken complete ownership of Bad Dream Buster. He insists on his ritual every night, just as I go to turn out the lights, of spritzing all the ‘monster’ areas in the bedroom he shares with his little sister,” says Foster Blake.

Like most products designed for children,  they are pH-balanced for infant skin, free from synthetics, harsh soaps, silicones and SLS.

The entire range is cruelty-free with some of the products being vegan and gluten-free.

More importantly, this range is FUN. The products are housed in colourful bottles and tubes, and each has a signature character designed by Australian artist, Beci Orpin.

“I wanted to give children a sense of ownership about their body, and what’s used on it. We made something kids can clearly identify as theirs, because it is theirs,” says Foster Blake.

Gro-To is currently only sold online, while the Go-To range is available both online and in-store at Mecca in Australia and Sephora in the US.

Zoë Foster Blake, founder of Go-To and Gro-To, author and former beauty editor

For esprit’s October print issue Zoë Foster Blake chatted with us about her journey to global skincare success which, funnily enough, wasn’t always the dream.

“I was quite happy writing books,” says Foster Blake.

“My friend Megan Larsen, founder of Sodashi, suggested I create my own brand back in 2012, then generously provided not only a sounding board but invaluable advice when it came to ensuring my formulations had integrity, purity and that they, you know, worked. ”

For more on this exclusive story, check out the October issue of esprit Magazine Australia. Available 1st October.

Gro-To is available online from 3rd September.

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