Angel Wings certified organic mother-and-daughter lip balm duos are vegan, cruelty-free, certified organic and designed and made in Australia.

The brainchild of Sara Dagrés and her daughter Angelique, 9, the concept was born from a daily ritual shared by the two.

“The idea was born from a daily ritual I share with my daughter Angelique,” Sara said.

“Each morning before drop-off we smooth on some lip balm, pop a mint into our mouths to start the day fresh, and have a giggle together. It’s a small but significant moment in our day where we can connect, just the two of us.”

Angelique insisted on using the exact same lip balm as her mother.

“That prompted me to want to switch to something pure, a balm that is clean enough to eat, because inevitably several kilos of lip product are consumed in our lifetime,” Sara said.

 “I wanted something that my daughter would find enticing, but that would also appeal to my grown-up aesthetic. When I couldn’t find the perfect balm for both of us, I realised I had to make it myself.”

Angel Wings lip balms boast a nourishing, oil-based formula that is smooth, but not sticky. Each balm is flavoured with natural peppermint oil – a fresh mint with a flattering rose-toned tint for Mammas, and a sweeter mint with just a hint of ethereal rosiness for Mini Me’s.

Available in the range is the Angel Wings Lip Balm Duo Pack – Mamma & Mini, Angel Wings Lip Balm ‘Mamma’ Mint and Angel Wings Lip Balm ‘Mini Me’ Sweet Mint.

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