Many of the hygiene and safety rules implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic are here to stay. Consumers worldwide have quickly adapted to contactless delivery and retail transactions.

In-store cosmetic testers have long been under fire for being potential spreaders of diseases such as golden staph. In one notorious case four years ago, an American woman tried to sue Sephora in the US, claiming she had caught herpes from a lipstick tester.

Coty has announced the launch of digitally-enabled, touchless fragrance testers. Trial testing will begin in core European markets this month, followed by a planned trial in Asia later this year. The global rollout will be completed over the next 12 months.

Instead of spraying fragrance onto a card – the widespread practice followed in most retail stores globally – which is wasteful because it disperses fragrance into the air. The new Coty device delivers a single drop of fragrance directly onto a consumer’s arm or blotter.

As well as cutting down on  fragrance loss, the devices capture data which allows retailers to position them in store areas where demand is higher.

Coty is the global leader in fragrances as the licensee for leading prestige brands, including Gucci, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Chloe. The multinational partnered with Everie, a French company specialising in micro-dosing and dispersion technologies. The device can run for weeks without re-charging, which will also slashes running costs.

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