Eimele is a brand on a mission to create plant-rich solutions that help support consumers on their journey to wellness.

They have launched Eimele Essential 8 – a comprehensive multivitamin that is scientifically formulated and TGA approved to complement a plant-based diet.

Eimele Essential 8 uses scientifically researched ingredients in evidence based dosages and highly bioavailable forms that work to fill nutritional gaps while on a plant-based diet.

By taking a daily dose of Essential 8, consumers  can provide their body with key vitamins and nutrients to increase and sustain energy and support their  immune system, as well as heart and brain health.

At the  head of the Eimele Scientific Advisory Board is Simon Hill – a qualified nutritionist, published author and podcast host who is extremely passionate about unlocking the latest scientific findings in biomedical research, and sharing his knowledge across the The Proof podcast and social channels.

Simon leads the Eimele Advisory Board with the core belief that a plant-rich diet has the power to heal, nourish and strengthen the body, giving it everything it needs for optimal health.


  1. OMEGA 3 from 100% fermented from natural, non-GMO algae, with zero impact on the marine ecosystem. Benefits: supports brain health, cognitive function, and heart health with plant-based DHA and EPA Omega-3.
  2. SELENIUM from selenomethionine. Benefits: This antioxidant rich mineral supports cardiovascular and brain health.
  3. IODINE from sustainably sourced Japanese Kelp.  Benefits: Maintains optimal thyroid function and supports cognitive function.
  4. VITAMIN B12 from Cyanocobalamin. Benefits: Reduces inflammation in the body and protects cells from free radical damage while supporting optimal immune system function.
  5. VITAMIN D3 from Vitamin D3V® – derived from non-GMO algae. Benefits: Improves the body’s absorption of calcium, boosts immune function, and supports heart health with plant based Vitamin D3.
  6.  IRON from synthesized Iron (II) Glycinate.  Benefits: Sustains energy throughout the day, supports healthy heart and brain function, and immunity with a highly bioavailable form of iron.
  7. CALCIUM from  Calcium Carbonate.  Benefits: Maintains bone and dental health while supporting the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  8.  ZINC from  Zinc Glycinate. Benefits: Supports healthy eyesight, optimal cognitive function and boosts immunity.

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