David Jones has officially launched its Spring Summer 2023 season, introducing more than 40 new brands to its collection of Australian and international womenswear, menswear, footwear, and accessories, including names like Elka Collective, Sass & Bide, and LouLou Studio.


The Australian luxury department store recently hosted a press day where Retail Beauty had the opportunity to chat with Friends of David Jones, such as Victoria Lee and Eleanor Pendleton, to discuss beauty and fashion trends for the upcoming season. Additionally, we had a conversation with Tania Baldassari, David Jones Beauty Buyer, to discover the key Spring Summer trends and what customers can anticipate this season. Read on for more details.

Friend of David Jones, Eleanor Pendleton 

As a Friend of David Jones, you’re well-acquainted with the upcoming Spring Summer 2023 collection. Can you share your thoughts on what excites you most about this collection and the fashion trends it embodies? 

What excites me most is this season’s celebration of colour, joyful vibrancy and effortless yet playful silhouettes. Coming into the new season, I love that dressing is the ultimate form of self-expression. The warmer months often consist of social gatherings, getting together with family friends and attending social events, so being able to draw from a wardrobe that encapsulates all those joyful moments is what makes me really excited for Spring Summer. This Spring Summer, I’ll be embracing relaxed tailoring for every day like a men’s style shirt from Country Road and relaxed pants from Matteau or Camilla and Marc. Spring Summer is also wedding season and I’m excited to be attending a friend’s wedding in October so I will be looking at Aje and Alemais for inspiration.

Can you share some of the exciting collaborations or campaigns you’ve been a part of since becoming a Friend of David Jones? 

The campaign that I love being involved in each year is the Christmas holiday campaign. Ever since I became a mother to my two children [Banjo, 3 and Rumi, 6 months], Christmas has taken on a new meaning. There’s a real return to magic and wonderment as I now get to experience Christmas through the eyes of my kids. I absolutely love Christmas in Australian summertime – there’s a real coming together and reuniting with loved ones, spending quality time with family, giving to those in need, eating fresh seafood, sipping on cocktails, dressing up in fancy frocks and spending time outdoors from dawn to dusk. We recently shot this year’s Christmas campaign and I had so much fun alongside Julie Bishop, Adam Goodes and Lucy Feigens. My son Banjo also made a star appearance and when he took ownership of a drummer boy hat, he really stole the show!

How do you approach aligning your personal brand with the values and image of David Jones? 

At this point in my life and my long-standing media career, it’s so important for me to only work with brands or companies whose company values align with my own personal ones. What first attracted me to working with David Jones almost four years ago now was the work they do in supporting local communities and minority groups. At David Jones, while the priority is always about driving deeper connections through curated experiences with customers both in-store and online and supporting both its local and international designers – it’s also about being committed to giving back to the community. I really respect the authentic and meaningful partnerships David Jones has developed with The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, The Starlight Foundation, the LGBTQI+ community and Look Good Feel Better organisation – and I’m proud to use my own voice to support them as well.

To be honest, being a Friend of David Jones feels like being a part of a large family. I adore working with the David Jones team but also really admire my fellow friends; Adam Goodes, Nathan McGuire, Victoria Lee, Magnolia Maymuru, Lucy Feigens and Julie Bishop. I love when I get to spend time with them on set or at special events and my son Banjo particularly loves seeing Adam.

What aspects of the David Jones brand resonate with you the most, and how do you embody these values as Friend of the brand? 

Growing up on the NSW Central Coast (Darkinjung Country) with a Filipino mother and Australian father, I didn’t see a lot of bi-racial young women in magazines, on television or in-store windows. To now be part of a group where perhaps young girls can see themselves in me is really powerful and it’s something I don’t take for granted. I am really proud to have worked with David Jones since 2020 and to be a part of a group that speaks to so many different Australians. 

Are there any beauty and/or fashion trends or brands from David Jones that you’ve particularly enjoyed showcasing? 

When I look good, I feel good – it’s as simple as that. So naturally, I love dressing up based on my mood, the climate or the occasion. For example, wearing a head-to-toe floral look is something I would usually reserve for a special occasion and I’m lucky I get the opportunity to do that. Being a mum, my everyday style and approach to Spring Summer dressing is fairly relaxed and focuses on comfort and loose silhouettes – such as pairing a black pair of Viktoria & Woods Branwell Pants with an Anna Quan or Elka Collective top or men’s style shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren with an oversized Camilla and Marc jacket over the top, if it the weather turns cool. I’ll then add a cream blush and lip stain with a pair of Alias Mae back sandals and Gentle Monster sunglasses (mostly to disguise the lack of sleep), and I’ll feel ready to take on the world. For me, I like to dress in a way that keeps me feeling comfortable yet also stylish and put together. But also, let’s not forget Aje Athletica activewear is a saviour on those days I’m busy running errands.


Friend of David Jones, Victoria Lee 

How has your personal style evolved over the years, and how does it align with the fashion direction of the new season?

I’ve definitely become more confident in my personal style. I know what I like, where I like to experiment and what trends speak to me. I’m very classic in my personal style, I love pieces I can wear again and again, so I have my eye on the updated classics and relaxed suiting this season. Also the unexpected use of colour and texture, I’m excited to mix these in with my staple pieces.

Are there any specific pieces or brands from the new collection that resonate with your personal style? What draws you to them?

Camilla and Marc, Anna Quan, Paris Georgia, Zimmermann, Matteau. I think versatility draws me to these designers.

As the seasons transition, what advice do you have for individuals looking to refresh their wardrobe for spring and summer? Any key pieces to consider?

Always a good blazer – a relaxed silhouette that can transition from day to night. A great pair of summer sandals. A summer hat – Helen Kiminksi does fantastic raffia ones. And a swimsuit obviously! I love a one piece or bikini that can double as a top under a button down or paired with a maxi skirt. See where you can add a few pieces that will add impact and work with your existing wardrobe.

Your collaboration with David Jones has been ongoing. Could you share some insights into what this partnership means to you?

It’s meant the world to me, to be a part of the David Jones family to help celebrate both 180 years and now 185 years feels incredibly special. Working with David Jones over the years, learning more about the history and legacy of the store and brand has been fascinating and has really shaped my career here in Australia.

How does the Spring Summer 2023 collection reflect the unique aspects of Australian fashion and lifestyle?

I think the pops of colour, fun textures, updated shapes and refreshed classics reflect the multidimensional Australian lifestyle. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that’s reflected in our fashion. Pieces are unique and beautiful yet versatile enough to take us from the beach or pool to lunch/dinner. There’s a combination of function, fun, creativity and self-expression.

David Jones Beauty Buyer, Tania Baldassari

With the Spring Summer 2023 season approaching, what are some of the standout beauty trends that customers can expect to see?

Luxury and niche fragrance will still prevail with customers continuing to seek out artisanal and niche options and investing in our prestige/luxury assortment.  The trend is supported through new variations of favourites and some exciting new launches.

In skincare, there are many macro and micro trends that have emerged and continue to drive customer intention:

  • SPF (preservation and protection) is key (New brand Ultra Violette and Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturisers dominating this category) and will be highly sought out during the warmer months.
  • Skin barrier health for ultimate skin function –  the B’s remain the hero ingredient (In particular Ella Bache’s new Hyaluronic Treatment Booster, the best-selling B2 Hydrating Serum by Ultraceuticals and the cult fave #1 The Serum by Rationale) but brands are dialling up their emphasis on advanced formulations – customers are becoming particularly well-educated when it comes to ingredients and their delivery systems so brands have had to respond accordingly with an emphasis on repair and barrier and multidimensional products (coming through from La Mer and La Prairie) to rebuild skin structure to lift and firm.   
  • Facial Treatments & higher-grade formulations (cosmeceutical skincare) to tandemly deliver higher levels of efficacy and skin health to “stop the clock”. We have more advanced facial treatments then ever and watch this space for an exciting development coming soon to support our consumers.

In Make-up, there are two contradictions that are driving customer interest:

  • The bold (the eye or the lip) and the monochromatic:  expect to see that “latte” or “light strawberry” hue washed over the face to create a minimal, natural and harmonious eye, lip and cheek.  Conversely a super enhanced bold eye or glorious red lip will be in high demand. 
  • Dewy (or “glazed donut” made famous by Hailey Bieber) will still be in demand and we will start to customers wanting natural, glowing skin to shine through. MAC have supported this with their new Studio Radiance serum powered foundation.  This also supports the key trend of Skinification, which shows no sign of slowing down (Make up with skincare benefits).   

As part of the new season launch, several beauty brands are being introduced. Could you highlight a few of these brands and share what makes their products unique and exciting?

We have a plethora of newness coming through to celebrate the new season and the long-awaited warmer weather; come mid-October you will start to see the Christmas product trickle through with festivities highlighted and emphasised in the lead up to the occasion.   

The beauty industry is known for its continuous innovation. Can you share any groundbreaking or innovative beauty products that customers can look forward to?

I’m most excited to try the new MAC Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation. It is deeply hydrating (infused with 33 skincare ingredients including hyaluronic acid) and delivers radiance. 

What is your personal philosophy when it comes to beauty, and how does it align with the offerings/trends?

Preservation is high on my list of priorities when it comes to beauty so I look for products that can protect my skin, SPF is part of my daily routine as are the A’s, B’s and C’s. 

My philosophy has always been to invest in regular skin facial treatments. The staff in our stores offer skin diagnostics and analysis to determine the most suitable treatment, and our rooms are the perfect setting.  Where the budget can support it, an LED treatment by Ella Bache is a must. 

How is David Jones engaging with its customers to showcase the beauty collection? Are there any interactive experiences or events planned?

There is an incredibly exciting activation with La Prairie in Sydney in October. We will also have a host of masterclasses and eventing leading into Christmas.  Currently, our annual flower show is being exhibited in stores and is a must see.  There are exciting collaborations and installations that will inspire. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the upcoming beauty collection or your vision for the future of beauty at David Jones?

Certainly, for me and my portfolio of brands, the vision is to be the first choice for elevated services and premium, high performing skincare.

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