Retail Beauty recently featured freezeframe‘s launch of the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze Ice-Roller Mask, joining the cold-based beauty trend.

The brand has now proudly introduced Australian Gold Logie award-winning television presenter, actress and media personality Sonia Kruger as its ambassador.

Kruger, renowned for her ageless beauty, shared her skincare regimen, crediting sleep, hydration, cleansing, toning and moisturising, plus steering clear of alcohol for her beautiful skin. However, Kruger believes that everyone needs a little extra help sometimes, especially during summer.

“When I need to look my best, no matter how crazy my schedule is, I know that I can get my skin back to its smooth and glowing best in 30 minutes with 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze,” she said.

Founder Sonia Amoroso said the product’s creation was driven by a mission of female empowerment and challenging age stereotypes.

“Female empowerment is central to the freezeframe mission and it’s the reason I created 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze,” she said.

“I’m equally thrilled and excited to be partnering with Sonia Kruger as our brand ambassador. Sonia and I share a passion to empower women and help them lead better lives. Obviously, Sonia is beautiful, but this campaign is about more than that. We want to send a message that we should never be judged or defined by our age.

“Unfortunately, women can sometimes be unwittingly creating a dialogue of age bias. We want to change that dialogue. We should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and age has nothing whatsover to do with it. Sonia is living proof that women don’t need to become invisible as they get older, so let’s stop judging or defining what is expected at any given age and let’s support each other to feel confident as women.”

Clinically proven to offer up to 82 per cent smoother skin in just 30 minutes, the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze harnesses the power of wrinkle-freezing peptides and coconut water for long-lasting hydration lasting up to 72 hours.

Its innovative ice roller applicator provides cryotherapy treatment, instantly depuffing and enhancing circulation, leaving a radiant glow.

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