Grown Alchemist, the biological beauty brand founded in Australia in 2008, has announced its departure from the umbrella of the L’Occitane Group.

The brand is transitioning into privately held ownership, a development poised to reshape its future trajectory. The announcement reveals that Andre Hoffmann, previously serving as Vice-Chairman and CEO of L’Occitane International S.A., has acquired a majority stake in the company.

Meanwhile, Grown Alchemist’s CEO, Anna Teal, has been named a minority shareholder. The transaction, finalised at €28 million ($46 million), marks a new chapter for the award-winning beauty brand.

This shift in ownership comes after the L’Occitane Group’s acquisition of a majority control in Grown Alchemist in 2022, a period during which the brand saw substantial growth, team expansion, and product innovation.

“Our journey with the L’Occitane Group laid a solid foundation for us, propelling the brand into new markets and enhancing our product offerings,” Anna said. She further emphasised the transition’s significance, stating: “Stepping into private ownership opens up avenues for increased strategic flexibility and autonomy, essential for our next growth phase.”

Grown Alchemist stands offers products that merge scientifically-backed formulations with natural ingredients. The brand’s portfolio extends beyond skincare to include holistic spa treatments and services like IV Infusion Therapy, aimed at optimising skin health.

With this ownership change, Grown Alchemist is set to leverage increased agility to forge impactful partnerships and activations across various sectors, including lifestyle, music, and retail. These initiatives are expected to drive the brand’s expansion, especially in key markets such as North America and China. The brand’s new headquarters will be located in London, UK, positioning it strategically for international growth.

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