While Cosmoprof India wrapped up just over two weeks ago, there is still plenty to gain from the expo.

The three-day business-to-business event hosted in Mumbai featured more than 230 companies from 23 countries and regions, all showcasing beauty products and technologies. The expo also hosted the first edition of the Cosmoprof India Awards to demonstrate Cosmoprof’s commitment to the growing Indian beauty market.

Although the winners have already been announced, there are several reoccurring trends from this year’s awards. The most significant trend was the importance of a brand’s corporate social responsibility. CSR is no longer a ‘marketing extra’. At a minimum, consumers expect their products to be sustainable, free-from harsh chemicals and kind to animals.

As i-beauty is a growing industry, it’s promising to see that brands are including this within their product design from the get-go. Keep reading to find out a detailed breakdown of the trends.



Cosmetics based on or inspired by superfoods were a strong trend among the award entries. Many products included superfoods such as avocado, beetroot and tomatoes in their formulations due to the potent health benefits. Superfoods are a reoccurring trend across several markets, including Australia, as consumer seek products that approach beauty from the inside out.


Many entrants featured products packaged in or made from recycled materials with reusable elements. Consumers and brands alike are looking at ways to reduce their waste, and recycled packaging is becoming the norm rather than a trend. To make it easy for consumers, HCT company designed a mono-material compact which is reusable and made from 100% PET.

Fresh Ingredients

There was consumer demand for fresh ingredients as they increase potency and effectiveness. Active ingredients are a significant trend within the skincare category.

Application Transfer

The success of the sheet mask is inspiring brands to apply this treatment method in areas other than skincare. Ikoo Infusions created a single-use hair mask that is wrapped around the hair and is activated by body heat.

Vegan and Natural

Industry watchers say that vegan products will be seen as the standard by consumers, rather than a bonus or selling point. Companies are seeking vegan credentials from authoritative bodies such as animal rights organisation PETA. Products made from natural, non-toxic and organic ingredients are of high importance in the eyes of the consumer.


Similar to any of the beauty market -Western, European, Korean- different cultures will have different expectations for their products. Hair treatments are a booming category in i-beauty due to the cultural importance of hair. There is also a demand for more inclusive shade ranges, which is a reoccurring trend across all markets.

Feature image: @cosmoprofindia

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